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  • It`s strange cos since some time I never get this error appears again ,earlier once I set more than 300 threars it appeared very fast but after one of the recent updates I can set even 700 threads and it doesn`t happen anymore, thanks Sven (:
  • The list getting bigger than I thought (: its 46K+ of verified at the moment. It will be reprocessed once again at the 3-5th september so all the subscribers will get them updated for free. You can get this list here: http://tinyurl.com/oegwpn4
  •  I belive all NOFOLLOW platforms are a lot better for parasite pages as others cos they are not widely used to build backlink from (((: not as much as all dofollow sites right (:, I think it`s the good way to go if we talking about parasite pages, d…
  • peterperseo Thanks for your positive opinion, list is still updated with new target sites, it`s now over 35K and growing, I think it will consists in total of 40K target sites, I will not keep them bigger. Next update will be available at 1-5 Sept t…
  • What you mean by "301" ? Are you buying expiried High PR domains and then redirect them or do you mean URL shortners and then make some GSA SER blast thru them ?
  • It is not so bad on my side, most of my projects positions increased and I didn`t got hit hard, just couple of spots drops at max or increases 1-2 pages up. All GSA SER projects.
  • I have the same situation and solution to this I found is to duplicate a project , everytime I got about 2K verified everything slowing down a lot and it`s impossible to get more (contextuals) in such project, once I duplicate project (even I use sa…
  • Have anyone experience with running on SSD100 an Oracle VirtualBox ? How it works, is it slower than the VPS Solidseo offers together with the dedi`s ? I am using their SSD VPSes now and I am very satisfied with their performance and Internet conne…
  • I have the same problem, How can I get the new update ?
  • I`d like to try your service, could you send me a discount code ? I need the biggest package 50K/day
  • Hi Ron I have subscribed your list got red one and I want to ask you how can I get those Rankqwyz tips you`ve mentioned above ?
  • Hi My invoice nb :579uehjr6u96co4m4qc6q1q5gkg08os84gko488 Please send me my accounts ASAP if possible, I need them urgently.
  • I look forward also for some automatic tool implemented by FCS team (maybe some day), it will help a lot
  • Probably,  but  too many backlinks for web 2.0 are probably the cause of their suspension ): (complains of the 2nd tier properties admins probably) I am not sure about this yet ,if  is it related to the speed  I create them (10 per URL/day) or their…
  • Thanks, I thought maybe to stick only with indexer and don`t build any tier for FCS web 2.0s cos probably one of the reason of suspending them is too fast link building  maybe, I experience that since I started to build the tiers to them, within cou…
  • ok, thanks, I am lucky I didn`t verivied all the projects at once (((: cos had no backup of my projects
  • The same here, lowered my active projects to 10 and it`s crasing after couple of minutes, before I had 300 threads with 30-40 active projects without any problems.
  • miren: the problem is the last one was bad also (:, the best option could be to pick the relase which worked, but I imagine it is probably not worth to implement cos Sven very fast fixing everything
  • indeed, it could be good idea to implement a possibility to roll back to the last working version (:
  • I can start them, run sheduler but it freezes after couple of minutes and restart after some time
  • I have the same after update
  • That is true. I am in this business since 9 years, used a lot of tools ,spend xx.xxx of $ on software which was crap during that period, GSA SER - is the No. 1 till now in everything I have ever tested including Xrumer, Senuke Xcr etc. It`s worth …
  • I had thousands of emails on my outlook accounts despite I set SER to delete them after verification, have no clue why it doesn`t, I see verification proces runs and verify something but don`t saved them as verified. I made a test ,created new mailb…
  • Satans_Apprentice: I know already something about cos doing that with very low success rate ): but I think it is worth of it, without contextuals we get penalized fast so there are no choice we must buy or scrape them every single day. How many cont…
  • You probably right but I have several projects with really hard phrases (global) and it seems with SER will be hard to rank them (: but I am trying but it goes so slow ... For less competetive phrases hammering T1 with T2 contextuals works very wel…
  • One more strange thing I observer, I have run a Oracle Virtualbox on this dedi, installed there Windows 7 ,GSA SER and in those environment SER can easily post to those websites (Virtualbox is installed on the same windows 2008 dedi which couldn`t o…
  • I think there is a time to rent additional dedi for scraping and processing contextual targets for my own use only (((:, there is probably something true in this not many wants to share their contextual lists cos they are most valuable part of whole…
  • Ron: I can imagine that of course (:., but just wondering all the people around scraping them by themselves on their own usage only (((: or they are depending in 1st tier on tools like rankqwyz or FCSnetworker and then only boost them by all those l…
  • Ron: do you have any plans to sell only contextual list ? ANyone here know its most important factor to rank, so all those trackbacks, comments etc. are not we really need (: I will be more than happy to pay monthly subscription for good contextual…