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  • thank you man
  • oh good news , thanks for your support when will you release the next update ?
  • thanks
  • hello there , how is it going ? I hope you will fix it asap Thanks
  • http://cannapedia.me/tiki-register.php
  • hello , because tikiwiki is not working out of the box , I try to repair it , so I need to understand the in and out of ser to be able to work
  • ok but when I delete this : [Anchor_Text] type=text allow html=0 must be filled=1 hint=Use
 the keyword that you would like MED TEST your page getting ranked for. 
Also use spin syntax here for more than one anchor text. alternate …
  • what do you recommend as an alternative to dbc ?
  • I would like to know why it's inclueded in tikiwiki ? if it's not affecting it why put those lines in the ini file ? Thanks
  • what about this : "that fields are defined by other engines. try deleting this and use only the engine and you will see it is making a difference." I tried it before posting and it's not making any difference Thanks
  • can you explain in details , I understand a little but some info is not clear skip ext links on = when it's on , it means it tell ser to take in consideration the option in the program , when it's off it does not care about the number of links on …
  • hello there , I have just noticed that all this is not needed in the tikiwiki.ini file because when I delete all this nothing change in the config can you explain please why you put it there ? or am I missing something ? [About_Yourself] type=text…
  • I can tell from my little experience that you should ; skip ext links on=0 , set this to 1 instead of 0 so it respect projects settings on outbound links , it should be 1 by default don't know why you set it to 0 by default ? it's misleading for m…
  • hello , I see thanks but the script is not working it needs to be updated , can you troubleshoot it ?
  • .prepend ? what it does please ? and also why you use back = " ?? Thanks
  • thanks for your valuable help
  • here is another example in tiki wiki : http://cannapedia.me/tiki-register.php how can I copy the passcode from the same page as it's available there , to fill it in the right place ? Thanks sven
  • use blog search = ? I see it in the ini file , what it does exactly plz ? Thanks
  • thanks man
  • 1 = User is not asked to manually customize this data before submission (when custom mode is on) 
0 = No customization (default) I think there is an error here , it should be : 1 = user is asked to ...... what do you think @sven thanks i…
  • in this particular example if the first line does not find anything the second will also fail IMO because you are literally giving the same url twice
  • hello , in phpfox.ini I see this line : search term=.... I think we should get ride of this : Home Friends Members Pages Blogs Photos Forum Polls Videos Quizzes Events Music Marketplace Apps because it's not giving any good results in google , w…
  • why you used * in the first and the . in the second ? I would like to know the meaning of * and . in ser eyes ? Thanks
  • hello mo1962mn what kind of trouble are you getting in ? do you have all the necessary tools ? ( captcha breaker , scrapebox ) mastering ser is a long journey :-)
  • I see , thank you very much sven
    in gsa posting Comment by seo22 April 2015
  • hmm , thanks for your help sven what does this option do exactly ? does it post in every link found in a page ?
    in gsa posting Comment by seo22 April 2015
  • here is a picture showing my config ! (Image)
    in gsa posting Comment by seo22 April 2015
  • @sven : ok I will attach a picture  @trevor : I checked everything except video
    in gsa posting Comment by seo22 April 2015
  • hi there thanks sven for your answer  I think if I let it run for a day or so all links will be used ? but in my case it's not , it's still posting since yesterday with no list loaded !! I unchecked "allow posting on same site again " sinc…
    in gsa posting Comment by seo22 April 2015