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  • I have the same problem, take 5 minutes to open. No projects, its an clean instalation :/
  • Thanks Sven!Using just the Domain will help me to not add too many urls! because have 20-30 urs frmo the same domain!
  • Oh, i understand! Thanks too much. What about this option "Always Use Keywords to Find Related Sites" this do the same? Checking FAQ Right Now!
  • Thanks for your help! I already purchased Scrapebox to Scrape some sites. I noticed that GSA scrape using the keywords that i choice, but when i use an vefiried list of course dont will be related to my keywords, right? This will be OK too?
  • so lists are the ones that i get after scrape and get the submissions saved into a .txt file, right? Btw, is OK to purchase some verified lists? I cant get LpM better than 0.2 After 3 or 4 hours.
  • i have the same problem, you fixed it? LpM is under 0.2 too
  • run it from my local PC wich same configuration and get very very low LpM too, will purchase proxies from other provider to see if its the problem. :/
  • well, all working! I get a few Download Files errors like  17:34:26: [-] 03/17 download failed (Return: -, SockError: Connection refused) - http://blogs.albawaba.com/en/register/117:34:27: [-] 04/17 download failed (Return: -, SockError: Connection …
  • Tell me if this screenshots are OK. http://postimg.org/image/hfq27blx9/
  • How can i change the Google Proxy Check? i have an proxy that if i use it in my IE works great, but when test using against google Search show me not working. HOw is that possible?
    in proxy test Comment by samsagaz June 2015
  • I cant figure whats wrong then... Looks like the Proxies works ok i tested it in other software and works, ok. But still getting very very low LpM, i purchased GSA SER, GSA Captcha Breaker, GSA SEO Indexer. Where can i ask about help to get it worki…
  • Thanks Sven! Can you please tellme wich other serven that SQUID can be used as proxy server? I configured a few squid servers but getting some errors, dont know if its because GSA dont like too much squid or maybe i have some bad line in the conf f…
  • login:password@host:port dont works.using ip:port:login:pass works I cant figure whats wrong with my submission, have some kind of support for newbies? :D Im using 10 proxies, 10 emails, 25 threads, VPS, and get an LpM de 0.01 really cant figure w…
  • Now get it working, importing as IP:PORT:USER:PASS works. the other way not, maybe is a bug?
  • @satyr85: problem with dedicated server are the IP, right? i found some cheap ones but just have one IP, or you means use dedicated and purchase more ip?