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  • broken again, see new discussion just logged. Thanks
  • Sven, Have just emailed you a project and screen shots so you can see all incorrect the verification failures. Let me know if you need anything re the issue with the option to remove failures not always coming up. Thanks
  • Sven, the speed at which you take on board suggestions or requests and do something positive is top notch. Shame ultimate demon doesn't follow your model. I have been waiting over 1 month for them to fix a bug which stops the product activating arti…
  • I have also noticed when you run the manual verify process that sometimes when it completes you get the pop up message box asking if you want to remove the failures and sometimes you don't get asked. On the times you don't get asked, you have to hit…
  • Sven, Have just pm'd you some examples, cheers
  • Have just checked this on other projects with blog and forum comments and have  250 verified comments and about 90% fail re-verification check and come back red yet a manual check of the red/fails shows they are all verified and still in place / cor…
  • mmm, looking through posts here, seems many people are having the same issue with only getting a couple of web 2.0's and many of them just from profiles. Think I will have to leave this to another application I use
  • I have given up with the web 2.0 on GSA - I have 6 totally separate projects in different niches and on all 6, I have seen no more than about 6 verified web 2.0's and several of those were just web 2.0 user profiles. I have tried everything mentione…
  • Sven said fixed in next release.
  • When I get my IP blacklisted like just happened, I get charged for a new IP address. As a one off it is not a problem but if the indexer is going to keep getting the VPS ip flagged, I am going to get a big bill for new ip's or get my hosting shut do…
  • mmm, Sven, could you consider a change to the indexer to make it use a proxy?
  • M3ownz, I'm with you now, that all makes perfect sense. Thanks a lot for your help. Cheers Rich
  • Hi M3ownz, Thanks for your answer. I will try your suggestion but what I don't understand is why the 3rd party Death by Captcha works fine as the 2nd service in GSA but the 3rd party Decaptcha service errors as detailed above. I can't see why one …
  • Thanks Sven, So if wanting to build links to a number of URL's (like a list of 50 articles) then it is probably best to give each one its own task rather than put them all in together as it sounds like it will be diluted by 50 if they are all toget…
  • Perfect, Thanks Ozz
  • Hi, Anyone know how to report a bug?
  • Hi Ruggero, Well that makes far more sense for it to be 250 or 450 characters, far more in keeping with a bookmark, I think that makes the point that it is not clear what should be going where. In hindsight, it makes sense but it would not have occ…
  • My thoughts exactly. I just wondered if any of the logs would record the ip being used to do each task as that would show if my bare ip has been used at any point. My only other thought is that I have just added the GSA search indexer tool. Given …
  • Ruggero, I have had exactly the same problem as you have detailed. I have a great big table in excel breaking down all the platforms, fields used etc to try and work out which is reused in other types so I can write one spun piece and add it into e…
  • Hi m3ownz, Good point, I will disable this option for the future. I understand your reasoning and can see that could be a cause if they all ended up disabled but when I checked them all last night after being advised my IP had been flagged for spam…
  • Hi Cherub, Thanks for clarifying. I am pretty new to GSA so still trying to work out the errors. I guess as this is known, someone may have a look at amending it. Thanks Rich