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  • Just to be clear. No problem  with GSA  a s far as  link  production. This problem of  my internet connection (which is wireless) being  blocked only occurs  when i add sites using the GSA  tool. . Now as I stated earlier resetting the  router  whic…
  • What i am saying   each time i used the built  in feature to add sites, my internet connection goes down I have to go into the router settings and reset my router to restore  the internet connection. I am not sure what is the problem
  • Ok they just un-suspended my account. However, They show on  Jan 16th and Feb 16   my ip showed up 111 time on a  stop spam site.  My  simi- private proxies  expired on the 20th which may have contributed to the problem? I'm a little afraid on what …
  • sweet
  • Quick question..  Using the method described above.. will i be able to post  without leaving any anchor text. These will be high quality forums.. i want  to gain their confidence first before i post any link to my website
  • disregard i found it..thx
  • Seven, thx for your quick response. However, i cannot find   where   I can enable  the link type forum post? any help would surely be appreciated
  • I wasn't clear. I mean the platform identifier that is part of GSA ranker.. whre do those results go to?
  • Ok I reinstalled ranker  and it now works
  • This is unbelievable.. So Captcha breaker now works. However GSA  Ranker crashed  and now when I   attempt to restart it it come up with the demo version. When I cut and paste the Ranker serial number into GSA Ranker It now refuses to activate. What…
  • HI michlap, I am using 10 semi-private proxies
  • I have found the answer. my private proxies have burned out. 
  • Thank you for your response!!! I do have one additional question . I have used SeNuke primarily  for over a year as I dabbled off and on in attempting to rank sites.  If you  could explain the best way to set up an email account for GSA, I would be …
  • Thank you for your response. What do i check in GSA to have GSA check  those imported  sites for page rank?
  • Hi Seven, that answer is accpted
  • secondly, Once I  add them GSA will automatically circle back around to those new sites even  tho' a project is already running?
  • THANK YOU! where would I  find that?
  • No I have added them.. I have added them. I have several tiered projects running. If I add the sites to the first project.. Do the other projects  that are running have access to them?"
  • I understand if GSA scrapes the site but what If I add my own sites that are high page rank and run a campaign with sites  with this rank or higher? Will   GSA recognize the Page Rank of the sites I imported?
  • yup.. I do remember leaving the indexed platform checked. hmm ok i wont do that again.. Hey! while you are here.. public or private proxies for GSA?
  •   very Nice diagram.. ButI I did not choose these whosis site to link to.. however whenI  check the 3rd tier and 2nd tier links. i see that some them linked to these type sites? how did this happen  and how do i prevent it from happening again?
  • Ok so I am running my tier 3 links today I believe you are saying some of my tier 3 links are linking to whosis sites which are linked to my 2nd tier? is that correct? I am coming over from SEnuke perspective. Do i want my tier 3 links linking to th…
  • Thank you Satan's apprentice I am a heavy user of senuke so I wasn't completely in the dark when using GSA.for the first time  However, the features in  GSA  are very impressive to say the least. Sill learning everything. This time I used GSA to bac…
  • Should I use full indexer  or  use only sites  that can index deep links ? how do I know what to choose?