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  • Test your yahoo emails and make sure they are working- all of mine stopped working a few weeks ago
  • @Sven - so checking "use proxies" doesn't help to hide that my VPS has only one ip? Also wanted to say that I've been using Yahoo emails every day with SER for 4 years - same ip and no problems - so this is something new with Yahoo.
  • @sven - yes all tests from same ip- have "use proxies" checked on some tests but still failed @delavitta-  hoping someone else can answer that question 
  • Just wanted to follow up. All yahoo emails still not working for me. I tried testing about 100 of them on Saturday night and they working fine - I tested again a few minutes later and they all failed. All my tests since then have failed. Tried with …
  • @710fla - I totally agree. I think over the coming months more and more will realize this dilemma as their link efforts fail and their ranks decrease and it will become a main topic of the forum. Anyone that comes up with an indexer service that act…
  • @710fla - I have tried to analyze which links index better with no good results. For example I might get one crappy member profile with no content to index fine while a hundred nice contextual links with unique article content will not index at all.…
  • I have also noticed over the last few months that very few of my links built by SER are getting indexedI've tried 3 different indexing services including GSA indexer with very poor results.Building tiers does not seem to help either. Can anyone off…
  • What is a good recommended "maximum page size" setting - I have 10mb but have always wondered what the experts are using to maximize performance.
Where is this new feature that was added in recent update? I cant find it 
 - new: ability to use filters only for domain/url/path
  • @sven Cant get it to recognize keywords that I type in the keyword field. Also, they do not show up in redirect url that it creates. Also it keeps losing the keyword I type. Is it a bug or because I'm testing with the demo?
  • @sven will you be able to add this ability to the add multiple url fields- so I can use the same format I use in SER. The /#{keyword} after the url - Thanks h ttp://www .sitenam.com/#{keyword}
  • Did you right click on the project and show url, remaining target url - make sure the cache of imported urls is not empty
  • Yashar, I'm not running that many projects. I previously used ten semi dedicated and increased all the way to 30 semi dedicated and that did not get rid of the sock errors. Now I'm only running 100 threads with 10 new dedicated proxies and the so…
  • @yashar your theory made sense so I broke out the paypal and bought a bunch of "dedicated" proxies from buyproxies. I then removed all of my semi-dedicated ones. Using only dedicated proxies I'm still getting a crap load of sock errors ri…
  • Have the memory error daily. Happens since ver 8.68 (that I know of)
Tried lowering threads to less than 100 and cut number of projects running in half and no luck.
Goes up to 3.1 gb mem use and stays there, then error
  • Thanks @ghoast very helpful to know this. Would you normally use pr filter in SER and set it to say 3+ when submitting the article links. I've read numerous suggestions stating not to use pr filters for article submission but I'm hoping someone coul…
  • I know this sounds like a noob question. If I were to get 50 articles, would it be better to just load them into a SER project exactly as they are. Or should I add my own spintax to the articles first? What is the best technique that most people wou…
  • Over the weekend, all of my emails in all projects developed this error. All tests now fail. I hope someone has some insight
  • I had the vps provider force reboot my server so I could get back into the vps. I then ran SER old version which I believe was 7.98- 
    in cpu 100% Comment by Mike March 2014
  • Same here. I logged out of my vps with SER running and now I cant completely access the vps anymore -it just hangs with a black screen. might have to submit a support ticket to reboot if SER doesn't eventually crash.
    in cpu 100% Comment by Mike March 2014
  • 49 and just started about a year ago so all of us aren't young. 
 Looking for a way out of my boring full time IT job I've had for 24 years! Still not making enough with SEO to quit the day job but i'm going to keep trying.
  • Same Here. Started a few versions ago. About 5 out of 20 campaigns constantly show no new targets ( with huge keyword lists and, add found keywords checked, 40 search engines checked)
  • Right click on project- status - remove links
Problem is it tries to remove all the links it finds on the engines you have selected.
I'm hoping Sven will be able tto add some filters so it will only remove the links we want so this i…
  • @daybel -  I'm using manufacture content - yes, the content is bad on the inner pages, but I can't figure out how site one got most of the inner pages indexed, while two other sites built the same way, with the similar type of junky inner page conte…
  • @daybel I did try that already. It took a massive amount of time and work, the projects have been running for months, but I have not seen results for those inner pages - still not getting indexed.
@2take2 I have thought about that but just a…
  • Now if we could get the genius @sven to write some code to clean up our existing links. I don't mean to just delete all the existing verified links, but somehow re-write the anchor text and leave the links where they already are. Instant re-ranking …
  • @Sven - thanks, I'll have to wait for that feature in my case. With 60k links across many engines, I will never be able to pinpoint where the links with the bad (too many) anchor text are.
  • @Sven Is it possible to target specific links for removal? 
Like links with a specific anchor text that Penquin hit me on - probably for having too many.
If it deletes all links then I will probably lose rank on the few keywords that…
  • @ron @gooner thanks for the advice. I have to keep this 5 yr old site running due to the nature of the business so I figured anything to increase the rank is worth a try. It's on thousands of customers business cards, ads, correspondence, etc. I hav…
  • This Penquin 2.1 pretty much made my site go from pg. 1 to pg. 30+ on most of the keywords I used as anchor text in my backlinks. Even though i tried not to use too many main anchor texts during my last year of link building, I'm thinking that there…