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  • Thank you Sven for the update. What about the first suggestion ? Any chance to see it in a next update ? modify step=[STEP3]     or any kind of step (registration, login etc....)modify step condition= and here the condition Thank you
  • @Trevor_Bandura I started by reading the .ini files and the scripting guide. It's not hard to pick up, feel free to ask if you need help.
  • Oh ! Nice Sven you rock ! Thank you :D
  • Hi Sven, Any news about this please ? Even to skip the verification process for some platform it would be useful. Thank you !
  • How much verified on this list ?
  • I just finished my automation program. A few thing were hard but it's ok now :)
  • Generating new projects automatically isn't an issue. 

What would be cool is to be able to take full control over GSA. 
Starting projects, pausing them etc.... I guess you get me :) 

I guess i will try to do…
  • Been there, done that .... There are a lot of techs involved in it and we use lots of tricks to get around their system :D  and don't even hope to use public or private proxies, it won't simply work. These are easily detected by google. 
  • Ok guys, sorry i haven't had enough time to sort out this thing so i will just post it here and try to get back to it asap. Here is the debug version i have done. The engine doesn't fully work in this state.  It does handle, Registration and Validat…
    in Zendesk??? Comment by Diaze July 2013
  • I'm getting back on the engine, i just need to fix a little bug to finish it and i will send it right away :) Besides thank you Peisithanatos for the samples, i appreciate it.
    in Zendesk??? Comment by Diaze July 2013
  • Here are the 3 possibilities : -Blog moderated so your link won't appear unless it's validated by an admin-The page where you posted has been pushed down the results because of other comments (guestbooks do that)-Gsa failed to post because it didn't…
  • I will code this. Just send me a big sample of urls.
    in Zendesk??? Comment by Diaze June 2013
  • Gsa is checking if your url appears on the websites you submitted to. In your case, it's not successful for some of them, which can be due to the blog being moderated or gsa failing somehow.
  • Wouldn't the use of #file=<url> be effective ? From what i understand you want to pick the content from an url right ? If so i think #file=<file or url> should be working 
  • What's up ? Any skype group online ? 
    in Chat Room Comment by Diaze June 2013
  • Oh nice ! Thank you Sven :D 
  • So i guess we have big chances to see these new functions in an update ? :)
  • Yes that's right ! I tried to use optional form but it's too difficult to make it do what i want. It would be like a IF statement, really useful also in order to avoid having multiple templates for one engine. Instead of having a Auto Approve and a …
  • And also a modify url condition to use in pair with the modify url function. modify url=/submit2.phpmodify url condition=and the condition That would be a very good addition to the modify family fonction ! In my opinion that could be very handy for …
  • The problem is that sometimes it doesn't discover it.  Also i really want to post to the global list i submit and not the urls discovered by the software.  If i let it discover urls, it might end up not posting on the ones i want.