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  • "When you create a new project, SER adds a disposable email account as a 
default one. That is one that can be accessed online without 
login/password from providers like " I guess I don't see this as I've been making new p…
  • When  this happens I can't send a bug report. The progress bar moves across very slowly and never gets to the point where I can send. I've decreased threads lately, and it hasn't been happening, so far.
  • "However, you really should swap out the default temporary email account as thats a disposable one which is often blocked." Hi, Sven! What do you mean by this? Sorry, I'm a bit confused. What exactly is the "default temporary email ac…
  • Probably best to send your email via PM to Sven and the GSA team! :p Just trying to help!
  • 1.GSA CB2.CapMonsterPro3. AZCAPTCHA(in that order) plus many others after these...Start with those and you'll have a good beginning... You'll also want other solvers for Text and ReCAPTCHA 2/3 (advanced)
  • Hi SweetyManika. Still haven't decided.In all probability, I'm going to go with GSA's product. I want to try a few, but in the end, I've found that Sven and company just have more reliable software.Does anyone use TWO spinners? I mean, for CATCHPA…
  • It looks like the program will start with the fails once the entire set is finished. And loop until reaching total number of set tries. Sven, is that it?
  • OK. I guess legacy users can use it right now. I should get to it, then. :pirate: Hmm.....Just wait until it's available. I know they've been tweaking it for months. I should have  been more curious and looked into it already. No excuses. For now,…
  • Hello, friend. : )SEREngines allows you to easily use GSA-SER to post on high quality contextual sites, like web 2.0, social networks and blog sites. These high quality sites are the best thing to point at your money site or whatever you're trying t…
  • And of course, the entire time, you could have written your own engines. And now, with the SERengines 3.0, you have more power to do that. Like I said, I haven't looked into it myself, but I'm sure it's to my detriment.
  • Hmm..First set back on...was payment that hadn't yet gone through... Awaiting answers on second set...maybe same??
  • DESERT: I have a bunch of different projects. Sometimes I do (some of) my T1s by hand now. Other times I  use SER for T1. I tend to mix them at this point. And now, there's the new SEREngines V3. (I need to check this out!) Other ppl use other soft…
  • "Seo Content Machine has export options to fill all the fields in SER. " Hmm...I was about to but GSA's Content Generator. This is a similar product, no?
  • "By duplicating projects?" Yes, but what if the descriptions are not fitting? I already usually duplicate, just to get settings the same, but then alter fields as needed. I guess I just have to do the descriptions again. The real issue is …
  • Get some much-needed rest and relaxation, Sven! ::-1:  If anyone deserves a break, it's definitely you! I hope that you enjoy your time off and have a chance to enjoy some "niksen," as Dutch people call it. ;)  Time to enjoy just Being. …
  • I was unaware of any of this. Very interesting.  Annoying warnings! :( It sucks that GSA has to deal with this nonsense...Sven, I hope that you can find a solution soon. What a waste of time.
  • @Shadir41: You can easily write a batch file (.bat) and set it to run at scheduled times through Windows. Batch files are fun and easy. Even if you are not into programming. Save the files on a separate drive, if you have one. (D:, F:, etc.)Also, …
  • "I recently purchased CapMonster Pro V2  and there is a place inside their setting to place proxies." Where? I haven't found this. I am not using the ReCaptcha service right now. Does this disappear when not in use? Thanks.
  • Made new Q so as not to hijack thread! ;)
  • Ahh..I see! Thanks, Sven! Very good feature! :)
  • I had an issue with special characters in German a while back. It was an encoding issue. But it was different than your issue. I had inadvertently saved my projects as ANSI and lost all the Unicode characters. When you reload the txt file in your e…
  • Very cool link from page at Anti-Captcha.com of workers telling their stories. It's great that the world of SEO helps so many workers all over the world. https://kolostories.com/contents/list
  • The Trump character looks hysterical! lol Nice grafix, overall.
  • Hey Stevie. What if you have something, a product or service,  that you could sell to .gov clients?
    in .gov domains Comment by Deeeeeeee June 4
  • Philosophically., what you're doing is A-OK. If you're adding quality content, and linking sparingly and only where appropriate, for the benefit of the user to get more info at another URL, and the fact that it will help you rank is just incidental …
  • "I m gonna other emails why not like u said free" Just be aware not all free emails are acceptable on all platforms, as far as I know. You'll know once you enter the email. Sounds like a good plan, tho. :) .
  • "The person who made that campaign hacked over a thousand russian 
websites based on wordpress and placed in content links to my site (with
 spam anchors  not related to my niche). Then after 1 month he 
removed all lin…
  • The first question: Google isn't going to even see the emails you use to make them!  But if you start spamming web 2.0s, you may get your e-mail banned/flagged if you create junk.  And then, that's your personal email that is screwed. That could hav…
  • "i have 4gb of ram, so would getting more ram make any difference ?" Hmm...SER is a 32 bit program. So it's addressing space is limited to 4 GB. With that said...more RAM is good b/c then you can run other programs that you need to have …
  • "And I rarely scrape lists, but I have. I should do this more..." BTW, you can automate this using ScrapeBox and build a list in real-time as SER runs. Or, set GSA SER to just search for targets  when it's not posting...