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Dark Web

Hey friends...trying to get back up to speed. :)

Finally opened and ran the TOR browser I DLed a year ago just today and checked out my first dark-web site.

Very, very cool...had a Matrix film analogy to the modern world in a wiki.

Not unlike first connecting to the Internet via VT-100 and ANSI-emulators in a  terminal program and a very, very slow Hayes external modem long before GUI Internet, in that it's all so sort of NOT a place everyone goes. 

Back then, it was more oriented toward ppl that love computers, just b/c it wasn't plug-n-play to get online.

Now, the DarkWeb is definitely different than the pre-browser Internets, b/c ppl seem to go to the DW simply b/c it's hidden and unindexed.

Anyway, question is, how should I set up TOR? Do I need to use proxies? Do I need a VPS?

Hmm...Looked up "backlinks" on the .onion SE I found and the second entry is for NegSEO.... :/ I wonder if there are any crazy SEO boards out there??

It's like discovering a world that's been here all along. Very odd....

Any suggestions would be cool... Thanks!~ :)


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited May 2018
    Haven't had a minute to return to the Dark Web. :|

    But I do remember before Internets were popular, people characterized the web as the way ppl now talk about the Dark Web. Foreboding and dangerous...but maybe now this is really accurate, whereas in the past, it was blown way out of proportion...def no telnet to hell lol >:)

    Still, Im no into "dark" stuff, tho I do like hidden info and learning, which is anything but dark.,,.

    Plus, it seems weird all these kids go on there exploring, and I havent checked it out beyond fifteen whole minutes. :|
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