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SER Wordpress Article engine well over 20,000 Targets?

I'm wondering what some more experienced users think about a "Premium" link list filtered by Moz and Majestic for "Tier 1" specifically for this bunch. 

Is there even that many working spam-able Wordpress Article Engines available in the whole world? Did someone very recently buy them and now letting SER users post to them?

Or is this more complete horse shit?


  • cherubcherub
    From my own experience over the years, I doubt that there are currently 20,000 domains that are postable to via the standard Wordpress Article engine. Maybe they haven't deduped by domain, or are part of the list-builder's PBN and included by accident.
  • I didn't think so either, but I'm trying to make some excuses that someone wouldn't intentionally be selling useless lists to users, Again :( 

    Especially, since this particular seller was just caught adding random dups and very poorly identifieds by hand to fluff up verified folder on non-working engines and selling them off as very strict, hand picked and meticulous crafted through SEO metrics before releasing these limited time lists.

    These are nice thoughts/excuses above but. . .

    1.  I would think a list seller would know how to dedup by domains/urls as well as when each is appropriate especially after promising specifically this would not happen again just 2 months ago after admitting their "last four" lists had some major issues.
    So I guess that can't be that.

    2. Not a chance these persons have the funds or drive to create a PBN that size unless the business of selling random links lists to people who don't know any better pays well. Which I'm sure It does, but I'm wondering why the AD is in forum still? 

    I'm starting to think this is acceptable and approved. Also that there is some cronyism going on here :/

    If I wanted that, I know where BHW is  >:)

    Please someone prove me wrong here.

  • cherubcherub
    I don't think that @s4nt0s or @Sven have the time or energy to keep an eye on and regularly test any list providers that sell here, I doubt any marketplace does unless they charge a high monthly charge. It's more down to any previous clients to provide feedback on their sales thread, as this will help potential clients make their choice.

    If a thread is showing a negative trend it will probably be subject to one of the rules of the BST forum ("If you're selling SER link lists, you need to be as transparent as possible and provide honest statistics about the lists you're selling") and is in the firing line.

    Cronyism is just bullshit mate, come on
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @cherub - Correct. Unfortunately, Sven and I don’t have time to test and track every list that gets sold on the forum. Also, some sellers might start with good lists, then drop quality or change things up over time. We just don’t have the time to continually test and track these things. If there is something that seems off with a seller we encourage anyone to report it to us so we can look into it. I’m not subscribed to any link seller here and I don’t have access to any of their lists unless I request it. 

    @backlinkaddict - I've contacted the seller in question to verify their most recent list stats.
  • s4nt0s -  I 100 percent agree! nor should you have too waste your time, again. I've mentioned that before. I sure don't expect you too. I don't even see the point in contacting such lists. For what, another excuse or some more finger pointing?

    @cherub - I was really speaking more in general about such link lists with there claims and strange reviews - AKA buddies backing them up or just them on a other profile elsewhere (not well known members providing value) and not directed at @sven or @santos, either. I know there is some of that going around the forums, but I am not one of those profiles. I don't even agree with 95 percent the peanut gallery claims.

    There's still plenty of these JVzoo type and even some still in BST that sell lists that just promise the moon on things that obvious can't be delivered. Some are even funny to read as they are not possible and very ironic. I know enough about marketing to spot these false urgency scarcity tactics quite clearly. It works quite well too! And as long as your providing value, I say go for it. But when you overpromise and underdeliver after taking someone money, well that's just ripping people off. 

    I don't like to see that!

    It also makes SER program look bad. In addition,  honest sellers get mixed in with dishonest ones and it's going to make newer users think program doesnt work when its possible they likely had a list problem. So it's not helping there either.

    For the record I thank @sven for still providing updates and started few appreciation threads myself. I think he does great job with the updates. He clearly listens to peoples concerns from forum and they are seen in the form of updates.

    The moderation complaint is just silly, tons of spam and AI postings I've seen get taken down very quickly. And it's not like the forum is crazy busy so I think @santos and company is doing great with that also.

    Why does there always have to be a few bad actors that seem to ruin good things, IDK  :/

    Thanked by 2Sven s4nt0s
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