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Big "G" Physically Harming Users Who Automate Marketing Tasks (who knew)?

Ya know, I "learned" all kinds of things when I peek in on other forums time to time, but this seemed like a real keeper. . . One of those "Golden Nuggets" of wisdom so to speak.:wink:

I didn't want to share out of fear, but now I find myself worrying for fellow automation users :o

Guess it's safe to assume why some users are not speaking now :#

Either way, off to brab me some links :D Stay Safe Out There! :D


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited April 15
    Automated link building has been against google's guidelines for some time. Along with a long list of other things they say you shouldn't do. It's a question of being caught engaging in the automation. This is just propaganda based on fear that's spread by Google and it's followers. The list of things they say not to do should be your focus of things to do to rank. This is why they target it in their guidelines - because it works.

    How would they tell if it's automated or done by hand? I've been using automation for more than a decade. I've not been penalised or received any penalty notices. My entire marketing operation is run on automation. My bots are there instead of hiring VA's. It's a more profitable way to run a business. It's how Google run their business. Plenty of automation going on there I'm sure.

    Take zennoposter for example. It's posting to my pbn network. That's automated link building. Plus it's using PBN's - also against Google's guidelines. It's been programmed to do exactly what I would normally do by hand. What's the difference here between automation and manually built links? How would Google tell? They couldn't is the answer. My PBN posts are indexed and ranking. During a time when the core update is deindexing sites/pages for using AI in bulk.

    GSA SER is no different. It will ouput what you feed it and how links are built will also depend on each campaign set up. It's complete automation. Sure if you send Google a message with a list of your sites and let them know you've been breaking their guidelines, it might lead to some sort of manual action. But their algorithm certainly can't tell the difference. You would have to put a sign on your site saying "automated link building going on here!" to get their attention to it. Or perhaps advertise your auto blogging sites built with AI on You Tube - that will definitely get their attention and as we've recently seen lead to direct manual actions/penalties. But if you share your websites publicly - you're just asking for it.

    The kind of people that say automated link building tools don't work and will get you penalised are usually the ones that have failed when trying to do so. They've suffered rank drops and mistakenly assumed they've been penalised. Not the case at all.

    Business directories and profile creation will have tons of authority dpepending upon the metrics of each site. Indexed and do follow is all you need. I'd pay no attention to such general statements from someone who seems to have tried these link sources/methods and failed.

    You can't classify or group a particular set of sites like that. There will be good directories and crap directories. Same goes for any other type of link. Metrics is what is important - not whether it's a forum, directory or blog comment.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    If it is against Google's rules the it must be working, just dont get caught - slow and consistantly is the answer. Old school style.
    If you are a one of those hight LPM chasers then you are a target 
  • sickseo  Yeah, this Google dance is nothing new, just because you got pushed down does not mean an short time you won't come back stronger. This is my experience anyways. I think we agree here. Patience is key and making wise choices with data you do have.

    TBH, I have a bunch of projects that got a nice boost during March update and currently.

    ....I'm still just wondering how many users have been harmed or gobbled up by these spiders so far :D And since I'm now informed that since 2022 onwards there are only 3 ways to brab links, well which one do I choose? :D

    royalmice this is true usually when these things are said by G it's admission that they are having trouble in this area and that X must be working better than they would like it to be. As far as LpM not really my concern either, maybe as metric for "tuning" but not for rankings. Unless, it's zero, this might cause some issues ;)

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