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Adding Awesome Features To Empty Space in Toolbar

Just a thought/suggestion, wondering what others think or if possible,

I have noticed there is a lot of space in the tool bar for some logos/icons that can be used for 1-click open of some awesome tools that already exist in SER but some users are not aware they are there.

And if needed more room, DELETE can always be added to edit as sub-option, I suppose.

SER can do many tasks similar to Scrapebox or other tools and sometimes a lot better. The issue is some features are 5ish clicks away from the front GUI and maybe some users do not even check options in "advanced." to see what they can do there.

What I am proposing would be to add the most important tools from the "tools" button in advanced to the front GUI, which would make front GUI much more attractive, make reaching these tools easier as well as making them more obvious. 

Getting more people interested and involved in using/testing and be able to provide feedback to improve software even more.

It might even get more people curious in scripting, when that happens, more lurkers will get involved and the program can become 10X more effective and grow fixed site scripts database that may be a bit trickier.

I see 3 features that are in tools and seem most important, also after speaking with users and see some postings that confirm some users are not even aware of these great tools.

I think maybe if possible. . .

Move the help to the right, maybe even a [LOGOUT -->] button to right of that, that would hard shut down SER when it's being stubborn.

1. Maybe adding those "eyes" or a "footprint" icon/feature logo would be great to be able to open FP studio in one click. As opposed to clicking options, then advanced, then sitelists, then tools button, then scroll to FP studio. 

SER for me is harder to use with multiple windows open currently. Maybe this would fix that?

2. Add icon/logo like a "looking glass" or "robotic looking search spider" for this? The sitelists scraper which can have sub-options for search online for urls and search online for sitelists.

3. Also, was surprised to hear recently "you can see all your sites in gsa ser?" This I think would be a good idea maybe to add a database icon in toolbar with sub items same as in way back of GUI like show lists or compare maybe even add dedupe for good measure.

This would make program easier to use, make awesome "hidden features" available on front GUI in 1 click, make front GUI more visually appealing, as well as other pros!

Maybe I am dreaming here.... BUT

Would be great to have some ICON to open up a browser window platform trainer/script creator.

Even if it was just a start and community members could contribute slowly and maybe will catch. Either way it be better to have a beta mode going rather then be like other softwares whose updated features  dont work.

Even something simple like what was in SENUKE X or Magic Submitter trainers years ago, to start.

Some kind of finger print switcher to pass Cloudflaire blocks and solve that issue.

Crowdsourced script builder and script building right in SER. . . .

A man can dream.. :)

What do you think, enough interest to make working on this feasible?
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