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Need help with GSA Proxy Scraper - Effective proxy scraping and testing

royyyroyyy Los Angeles
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Hello everyone,

I'm a new user of GSA Proxy Scraper and I'm facing some challenges in effectively scraping and testing proxies for my projects. I would appreciate any guidance or tips from experienced users to help me overcome these difficulties.

Proxy sources: As a beginner, I'm unsure about the best sources for reliable and up-to-date proxy lists. Can you recommend any trustworthy websites or providers that offer high-quality proxy lists?

Configuration settings: I would like to optimize the proxy scraping process. Could you please provide some insights or recommendations on the ideal settings to use in GSA Proxy Scraper? For example, what should be the recommended number of threads for scraping, and what timeout value should I set for testing proxies?

Proxy testing: Once I have scraped a list of proxies, what are the recommended steps and techniques to effectively test their reliability and success rate? Are there any specific settings or options in GSA Proxy Scraper that can help me validate the proxies and ensure their quality?

Proxy rotation: How can I set up proxy rotation within GSA Proxy Scraper? Are there any additional tools or plugins that I need to integrate with the software to achieve this functionality?

I would greatly appreciate any advice, tutorials, or resources that can assist me in mastering GSA Proxy Scraper and making the most out of its capabilities.

Thank you in advance for your help!


  • SvenSven
    I assume this is about he software GSA Proxy Scraper and not the build in basic proxy scraper module in GSA Search Engine Ranker.

    Sources: use all sources if possible. The software will know which source is good and which does not update often and will decide which source it should check when.

    Settings: The settings are optimal with the default setup. What you might want to change is the amount of threads to use as the default 10 is probably a bit low and can be increased on most systems. Though don't put that too high. Also the connect timeout is probably a bit high with 15000 and should be changed to 1500 (fixed on next update).

    Testing: this testing is happening while scraping. You can not really improve results on this. The time for testing can be decreased if you use fewer test script. But you should use like 2 or 3 different tests for being anonymous.

    Proxy Rotation: This is basically a proxy scraper + tester, not really a proxy system even though you can use the internal proxy server as well which will then act as a proxy and use random proxies as a source. Though this is stressing the software if used to heavily and you better export the proxies found to a file and import it to the software that should use them. That software can then decide what proxy to use and when.

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    Hi Royyy Go read this post I made

    Finding Reliable - Fast - Stable Proxies

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