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How was this done?


I have a site like this: (not actual name)

As of today, when I look up the KW: Michiganer

in Google,

automatically returned results are instead for Michigan and the page says:

Did you mean: Michigan

A few lines down the page it asks

-->More from Michiganer

If I click this link, Google does not go to ALL tab(as expected)  but rather NEWS tab and I only get news snippets for (my competitor)

& not a single other entry!

How was this done?? >_< >_< >_<


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited November 2019
    I think this has to do with the fact that just yesterday, I attempted to add my site to Google News.

    The site was rejected. Google stated that I did not have sufficient contact info or biographies for the various authors.

    So, it is most likely that the two events correlate, considering that the site's been up for two years, and less than 24 hours after attempted submission, this happens.

    I guess I'm going to try adding the missing info, and then try to re-submit?

    Either way, it seems trying to submit to Google News was an error. >_< >_< >_<
  • SvenSven
    hmm still interesting. But yea, adding missing data is always a good idea.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited November 2019
    Clarification: Just to be totally clear--The competitor's web site (I am not really THEIR competitor, tho they are mine; my news site is tiny, theirs is huge!) isn't exactly like It's more like MIStories.Com. (again, names changes, VIP board members!)

    * * * * *

    Review complete: Site rejected

    Thank you for your interest in sharing your content with Google News. However, when we reviewed your site, we found that it didn't meet our guidelines for inclusion.

    We're concerned about accountability on your site. Users tell us they like to know who is writing the content they read, so we look for news sites with author biographies and clearly accessible contact information. Please improve this aspect of your site, as well as checking that your site follows our other guidelines, before re-applying for inclusion.

    We also suggest that you visit the Google News Help Forum, where Google News employees and publishers share tips and expertise. Members of the forum can often provide specific suggestions and feedback for your individual website.

    Keep in mind that we won't review your site again for at least 60 days following your site's rejection. You will be able to re-apply for inclusion when you see the Request inclusion in Google News button next to your site again in the Publisher Center.

    So far I added an "About Us" page for the entire site, as well as a contact page. (Using the PO Box of the comm company I once worked for...don't have a physical address for this newspaper!) It does have a phone number now.  Not in the above message, but in the Google guidelines, it says I need all this...

    Now about the above message...

    Since the ppl behind my news site are trying to be more on the anon side, this all may be a problem. I can give each author a contact e-mail at the site. Maybe a few lines of bio info (for those missing this.) Not much else... The idea of being anon was the appeal. The area covered is small; no one wants to report on anything and have to be harassed in the community...

    I was thinking about this while I slept last nite.  It was upsetting me. :(

    Google wants "transparency." Google says readers want to know who the news is from, so they can feel trust.

    But all the big newscasters & writers we know at CNN, Fox, RT, etc., just because we know their names, why should we trust them?

    "...[users] like to know who is writing the content they read" but editorial control lies beyond the reporters and newscasters, in reality.

    Each station has a serious agenda. Me? Just trying to provide a fun and interesting  alternative news source, reporting facts, not opinions.

    Sixty days from now, we'll have even more content. But I am upset with myself for submitting when I did, b/c it's only caused problems.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited November 2019

    That same news site is running article after article each day with this in the headline:

    Michiganer Seeks New Home

    Michiganer Looking For His Marbles

    How Do You Know If Someone is a Michiganer?

    Wonder if this is the way it worked, and the Google thing just happened to be at the same time? I recently added the site to the  Wikipedia Entry for the city, and it has remained up.

    Happy I didn't put under "news" else they'd have surely removed, put instead on additional sources. :)

    Did we get on their radar? hahah I was wondering if/when this would happen! Was trying to build up fast b/c I knew they'd react like this! (if it was, indeed, then!)
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited November 2019
    Sven suggested stickers. 

    This town will come find you and then fine you! lol This is the Mid-West, after all! ;) ;) ;) 

    But business cards are fun. And, anyone can place them anywhere...not "permanently affixed."
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited November 2019
    I think the competitor did this! hahaha

    How do I know?

    Googled  today's article they ran: "How Do You Know if Someone is a Real Michiganer"

    and not only did the article come up on their newspaper, but a BUNCH of other places, obviously their other web sites they operate or places they syndicated this at.

    Usually, this doesnt happen with (all) their articles...only BIG news. And this def was not big news. Or even news at all. Just junky writing. lol

    So I'm thinking this was an effort by them to manipulate search results.

    Very clever. If it WAS them, I don't appreciate silencing my voice. :(

    Very uncool. :|

    THIS is why our news reporters wish to stay anonymous. No one wants tires slashed or threats simply for writing some fun articles!

    I always respect Google, but I wish in this case they'd have worked with me and not against me. :(

    And, BTW, thanks to Sven's tools and Sven (and his users') help operating these tools, b/c I've managed to survive (and eat) even where other money sites I operate are now competing with ppl who have start-ups and $150 million thrown at them with teams of in-house writers, SEO ppl, etc.,   devoted to crushing the competition. They're not EVEN profiting!!

    This news project...these guys are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger fish. lol $150 million?!

    That's peanuts to them! haha But this site was for fun. Not even profit. I already had an idea for a simple directory,but then I saw something Sven did and I  then changed directions and decided to do more.

    Can't we all get along? :( :( :( :( :(

  • Also:

    Michigander and Michiganian are unofficial demonyms for natives and residents of the U.S. state of Michigan. Less common alternatives include Michiganer, Michiganite, Michiganese, and Michigine.

    From Google

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