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Guest posts as Tier 1 + Search Engine Ranker (Question)

Hey guys,

I have been out of the game for 1 year, so, do you still use SER with a combination of PBNs/Guest posts as Tier 1? Web 2.0 as Tier 1 can get deleted even if they are manually created good, but with guest posts, most bloggers don't even know how to check links, and I think instead of using PBNs, since most of them can be toxic now and ruin your rankings, did anyone tried using guest posts as Tier 1 and then building contextual backlinks with SER?


  • @Anonymous hey... I havent loaded up GSA software for months , as I tend to buy expired authority domains and / or generate my own links via another method.

    Sorry, not much use - but I do wonder if anyone has done a comparison between expired domains versus those that haven't actually expired (and just get re-sold before expiry). Not sure if there's a marketplace for that, anyone know?

    Good example of such a domain:
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