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SAPE Providers

Anyone use SAPE still? Anyone have a decent provider or tips on buying? I've not bought any for a while and my goto guy has disappeared.

Btw T2 SAPE on some heavy hitting PBN/big boy links were insane that's what I want to achieve again.

Best Answers

  • 2Take22Take2 UK Accepted Answer
    I'm experimenting with it again. T2 on blog posts/PBN seems to still work from what I can see, but I haven't tested it again much yet. Was there anything specific you wanted to know about buying links, or just in general?

  • 2Take22Take2 UK Accepted Answer
    Ah ok, fair play. I'm not sure about providers TBH, but the SAPE interface is in English (sort of) now, so worth having a play if you've got an account, and time to spare. I'd offer to rent you some, but I'm flat out myself.

  • edited July 2018 Accepted Answer
    Looks like quite a few people still use sape on t2, or through a 301. I hit up an old supplier on BHW I used in the past, got a few sample links from them and found most of the sites through ahrefs. They appear to be doing pretty well, some of them. 

    If you want the supplier PM me
  • Yeah I messed with it for a few minutes myself, but had some other stuff to do. It does not seem too hard.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited July 2018 Accepted Answer
    @JudderMan it's pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it mate. Here's a guide that walks you through the entire process. If you get stuck just shout.


  • I just want to buy some or pay someone to get me some. T2 definitely.

  • Ah right, OK I thought you needed to be fluent Russian Haha. I'll take a look. I used to rent some off a Bhw guy and results were instant.
  • @2Take2um....I may be being thick here but SAPE looks like an absolute ball-ache to figure out. Some of it is in English but when you go through the motions it's not translated.

    Any tips? Maybe I just don't have the time to spare right now. I'll give it another shot sometime next week. Do they give an instant hit like I've had before or is it just like slow-mo growth over weeks?
  • @the_other_dudewwho was the supplier was it cooldude123? He was mine but I can't seem to get in contact and his site is down.
  • no it is janus. its all footer or sidebar links. I'm not sure if you can get contextual links in article text through sape or not, or if thats just what you get with sape. 
  • Hmm when I went on SAPE the other day it does look like you can get some text like up to 50 words or something. It feels like I need to just do it myself, cherry pick and write unique content. Short on time, though.
  • @2Take2 ah man that's awesome - thanks man, I'll check that out.
  • No worries. It's an old guide now so some things might have changed slightly in the UI, and things mentioned like PR might not be relevant any more, but it'll get you started with the basics.
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