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Structured Data Specifics

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited April 2018 in VIP Section
Anyone here have experience setting up structured data for a page for best results?

I see I can write this a few different ways, and I have no idea which is best.

I've been testing against G tool and removed everything that isn't OK in the structured data.

I have zero errors right now, but a few items were ok with convention, but still didn't pass G so I cut them.

DID I REALLY HAVE TO?! Does G really want 100% no errors or warnings?!


I still want to add/modify items in the SD.

Should the main entity be a website, local business, "service", or medical entity?

What if it's rightly all four? :|

I have the SD set up as a "web page" offering "services", but then I can't use the local business schema.

And I can't seem to find a way to squeeze the medical entity items in anywhere. :(

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated..............! thanks :)


  • WordPress or HTML or other?
  • I guess I have to eventually do it for my WP sites as well. :|

    Everything, really!!

    The one I was working on presently was for a non-WP HTML static page executed in php.

    I have this upcoming week to focus on and complete this task. I did no work on this in weeks.

    Thanks, friend...
  • What's the best practice for placement of JSON/LD data in an html document??

    I've read it' this really so?

    Will SEs be upset if I put it at the tail of the page??? Does it matter?!  Thanks, truly!!!
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