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Tier 1 Engines in 2018


I'm working Tier 1 only and I'd like to know which Engines are working best now in 2018. Contextual Articles are king here of course, but is it worth it to target Wiki, Web 2.0, and Social Networks and/or others? 

I'm also working with aged, high authority, high trust domains in my PBNs as well, but I would specifically like to know which are the most effective SER Engines to use in 2018 based on your experience.

I took a break from SEO work and my business is picking up fast again so I could REALLY use your advice.


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  • Tim89Tim89
    edited April 2018 Accepted Answer
    That's good to know, were you doing anything else for that client site with the 10 rank 1 keywords in particular? was the domain aged? any added PBN links? keyword competition? SER tiered linking? please do keep us updated.


  • Since no one had time to comment, I'll perform testing and share my results to help the community.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @coneh34d most people from back in the day have left or moved on :) its pretty much like banging your head against a brick wall asking a question nowadays!

    If you're doing the SEO for clients then I'd suggest just sticking to the usual suspects with the platforms to bulk out your PBN anchor text specific links, I've personally been concentrating on web2.0s tiering and primarily PBNs, then tiering my PBN links with something like PBN links (another service of mine which is fairly new:: no advertising intended) but there are various other fairly cheap PBN alternative platforms to use to strengthen existing PBN links.

    Glad you're back, hopefully others can pitch in and provide their own inputs also.
  • Hi,

    Thank for the update Tim. I hammering thousands of URLs and that's where GSA SER performs best.

    I took in a new client recently, and with just GSA SER, I ranked 10 of his keywords in the #1 position in Google in just 3 weeks. My point is that GSA SER still has massive power, as long as you are targeting the right engines & quality.

    For my new test started 4/25, I've got real-time sync lists from Loopline's & SER Verified Lists, SEO Spartans CATCHALLS and Email packs from Asiavirtualsolutions. I also have Express Indexer indexing all my DoFollows.

    I'm using Kontent Machine at the max "11" paragraphs and SER Powerhouse to manage content. I pull my keywords to feed Kontent Manager from SEMrush's Keyword Magic Tool.

    I'll update this thread with my results from time to time.


  • This client's domain is just 3 years old, with a MOZ PA of 17.07 and DA of 11.87, and with a Majestic TF of just 5.

    These rankings were achieved using GSA SER on the project with no Tiers, set for 10 Verified per URL, 90% or higher DoFollow, contextuals only, on keywords with a SEMrush Difficulty of 65% and lower.

    I used SEO Indexer only last month, so now that I have switched to Express Indexer and 2 Lists (I used SER Verified Lists only for this client, and now I've added Loopline's List), I fully expect to have vastly improved results.

    The March 12th Google core algorithm update is a major update which usually only happens once a year, and I knew from monitoring all of my client's rankings, that it was affecting the keyword positions of some clients.

    The client we are talking about that I ranked 10 keywords in the top 10 of Google seemed immune to the update, and acted like the update helped it.

    I've got tons of high competition, high volume keywords across all SEO clients, so measuring keyword position improvements for them 30 days from now will be a good gauge of how well my setup is working. I'll report back on my results then and I am happy to answer any questions in the meantime.

  • Hi,

    I wanted to give everyone an update on my progress defining a working method for GSA SER in 2018 at Tier 1. The Engines I have settled on consist of a number of carefully selected Articles and Profile Engines.

    After testing two of the top GSA list services, I decided to scrape for myself. This allows me to produce lists that are NOT shared, and also lists that only consist of the Engines I wish to post to.

    For this I am using GScraper with footprints from just the Engines that testing proved best, and then running them through GSA Platform Identifier. Here is a look at some of my results in the last 24 hours:
    Soon I'll be making a few more changes, so I'll continue to keep this thread updated.
  • Thanks for sharing your results so far. You seem do be doing very well, congratulations. It's rare you see anyone posting any kind of success with SER anymore.

     Can you specify the particular engines you are using? Thank you. 

  • You are welcome--that's what this forum is supposed to be all about, so I'm committed to doing my part for the community. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. My workload is insanely intense. Here is my current (06-08-2018) engine selection.

    *Disclaimer: This engine selection may not be best for everyone, since GSA engine performance is heavily influenced by the scrapes or site lists that you use.

    I've been very busy and away from the forum for a little bit, creating new strategies designed to overcome obstacles created by Google's core search ranking algorithm update on March 12th and Google's broad core search algorithm update on April 20th.

    I wish everyone great success this year.


  • shaunshaun
    The results over the past 24 hours in that image are probably from natural SERP movement than anything to do with SER as 24 hours is such a low time frame.

    TBH I don't see any reason to use the native SER CMS platforms on T1 anymore as the links are usually dead within a few weeks these days. You might be able to get away with web 2.0s as their uptime is much better and then try use a bunch of SER non-contextuals to index them or something but Google have massivly upped their game over the past 18-24 month.

    Scraping your own list is good in theory but the guys who sell lists have much bigger setups that you can probably get. This means that any link you can get yourself will probably end up on one of the lists, once it's on one of the lists you can usually get it by link extraction and everyone will have it anyway.

    Once this happens the site will usually go offline due to bandwidth or the webmaster will put a better captcha on, close submissions or change the template to try break the SER scripts.

    I havent used SER seriously since August last year or ranked anything steadily with it since around September the year before and I dont know anyone who has.
  • @shaun do you even rank websites anymore at all? I thought I saw on your blog that you don't even do SEO now.
  • shaunshaun
    I haven't had any real success with SER since the Penguin 4 rollout back in 2016, Fred in early 2017 seems to have slapped non-niche related PBNs too so I am focusing on white hat sites these days with no off page at all.

    This is is the analytics for my current main project that seems to have recently left the sandbox and started to get traffic. Just looking to work on this project for now and will look to scale other domains using the same method while improving on it from the stuff I have learned from this domain if it keeps going the way it is.
  • "I am focusing on white hat sites these days with no off page at all."

    Going down the Matt Cutts road, Shaun? lol :) :) :)

    I have been focusing more on this as well.

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaay many more on-site improvements to go, for me.

    Lists and lists of tasks. Some new. Others old.

    Lots of content to write and procure from other authors.

    "TBH I don't see any reason to use the native SER CMS platforms on T1 anymore as the links are usually dead within a few weeks these days."

    Why do you think they go down so quickly?? I'd def appreciate your opinion on this.,.,.
  • shaunshaun
    Matt Cutts hasn't worked for Google for a while if I remember rightly :P.

    I would imagine the majority of them go down due to bandwidth limits being met with a smaller number being due to rollbacks on the domain by the webmaster.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited June 2018
    "Matt Cutts hasn't worked for Google for a while if I remember rightly "

    I once scoffed at his videos (while watching them all haha) but now I see the wisdom in a lot of what he says. Sure it's the ultra-white hat way to go, but even if u do BH stuff, all those bases should be covered already.

    Anyway it's the weekend, GSA peeps! Time to relax. :)

    (Last nite, hiking in the park, visitng a cool area I haven't been since 2009, I finally felt calm and de-stressed. Hoping to build on THAT!) :D
  • I don't use SER to actually rank my websites, but I still build links with it directly to my websites, and is still a relevant part of the puzzle. It is just not the only part of the puzzle, and never really was, at least for me.

    If you have ever had successful websites that rank well and get organic traffic, you'll notice you get all kinds of natural links that don't stick for very long. Spammy kind of crap that is just part of being on the internet. Not normally editorial contextual links either. These links don't hurt your website, they validate it IMO. This is primarily what I use SER for. Getting these kinds of links that don't stick IS in fact natural, and allows me to build more links that do stick (PBN, web2, guest post, etc) in greater quantity, without being flagged, I believe.. If the links from SER do wind up sticking, I don't build tiers to them, that probably wouldn't be natural and the algo will probably flag you.

    It's the blog comments and guestbooks that do stick (more so guestbooks), and are not good, because they do stick around for a really long time. With my strategy you want the links to be removed or deleted in some way.

    Take what I say with a grain of salt, it is all conjecture and theory, considering I don't work for google search team. But it is conjecture and theory based upon several years experience.

    Thus why I am interested in what engines he's using, and not trying to rain on his parade. Could be something to it
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited July 2018
    "With my strategy you want the links to be removed or deleted in some way."

    You know, I see the merit to all this. I really REALLY do. :)

    However, my natural tendency is to make things as good and enduring as I can, whether it's a backlink or a site or even something I'm doing in real life. 

    So, of course, I would like links to last forever, or nearly so.

    OK; makes sense for a site. Even a T1 site, which can be cool in an d of themselves, but I guess some things u do repeatedly, like mowing the lawn, cutting the vines,  etc.

    But I get it now. I once thought SEO was a "set and forget" thing, not so much  meaning a ready-made SEO plan of action, but rather a process of collecting links that will last.

    Links drop off.  I've learned this. It's life. It's natural.

    If that renewal process stops, a website has lost the interest of 'net denizens.

    I think any artificial SEO can only help a brand "fake it til you make it.", well for some niches, anyway... At some point, the site has to stand on its own merits, to get ppl wanting to click and come back.

    After all #1 in SERPs doesn't GAURANTEE a click. And statistics...well outlier values skew things. And of course, you might be the small percentage where you rank #1 but the user clicks #2 or #3, simply b/c your description isn't as strong.

    No one correlates WHY a certain percentage of users don't go with SERP position #1 site. :/

  • You have all convinced me not to share any knowledge. Thanks for crowning yourselves king and hijacking this thread.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited July 2018
    "You have all convinced me not to share any knowledge. Thanks for crowning yourselves king and hijacking this thread."

    Eric, I do see this has strayed a bit from your original discussion.  :/  And I know that will keep the GSA forum from arriving at a helpful or meaningful (set of) answer(s). So, sorry about that. I will be mindful in the future of this.

    In no way do I think or want to seem like I've crowned myself king. Of ANYthing, least of all an SEO thread!!   Or crowned anyone else on here king.  :/

    Well, it's actually Sven's board, so he's as near the king of this here kingdom  as anyone is going to be! :D

    I found the_other_dude's post thought provoking, if thin on proof.

    I'm just here learning! Def not trying to seem like anything else.

    coneh34d, in any case, I have no doubt you're likely far more knowledgeable than I; I regret that you wouldn't want to share your knowledge based on my off-topic response.

    You do have a valid point; no sense in making this place just another jumbled, messy message board.  For my role in this, guys and girls, I am sorry.
  • skin in 2018 is so thin. pathetic.

    I'm sure we are all doomed now.

    Here's his engine selection for anyone else that was interested, since OP wants to take his ball and go home for people talking about an SEO tool on an SEO tool forum. It's all pretty standard stuff, nothing shocking.

    Article Beach
    Article Dashboard
    Article Friendly Ultimate
    Invision Power
    Open Journal Systems
    php Link Article-Login
    Press Release Script
    Wordpress XMLRPC
    Article Directory Pro
    Article Friendly
    Article Script
    Catalyst Web CMS
    Drupal - Blog
    Joomla - Blog
    Joomla K2
    vBulletin - Blog
    Wordpress Article
    Aardvark Topsites
    Astanda Directory Project
    Link Machine
    PHP Link manager
    Unknown Polish Directory
    XZero Classified
    Open Classifieds
    Open Link Directory Mini
    qlWebDS Pro
    Hotaru CMS
    Public Bookmark
    Wordpress Social Bookmark
    DZOIC Handshakes
    Ground CTRL
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