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Hosting Co DMCA Takedown: RSS - Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited March 2018 in VIP Section
Had a server go offline today.

Checked into it, DMCA complaint.

An aggregated news source reported the site. Somehow, the email to remove the offending content got past, and now the whole server is dead. Other sites on it as well...

These RSS feeds are NOTHING BUT trouble. :(

The site is NOT EVEN MONETIZED yet. It's just news and education, the source is noted, and there's a link to the source. The guy could have emailed me first.

There's so much confusion about scraping RSS sources. I think it's a number of factors that determine whether it was an infringement, but this particular source claimed it was "word-for-word", and I did notice a few RSS providers serving the entirety of the article. I don't know if he was lying or honest, as it's down rn.

Clearly, RSS feeds are everywhere. The server should be restored, but what about next time?

Feeds bring exposure and backlinks to sites. It's not like this was auto-scraped and then I stuck it on my site claiming it was my own content.


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited March 2018
    It's resolved now.

    But just so G doesn't hate me, clean, 100% current backups are ALWAYS good. :)

    I waited twelve hours for customer service before pointing to a new host. Next time, as soon as a site is down, my INSTANT RESPONSE will be to point the arecords at a nice fresh backup. :)

    But I do also want to say: Let's be honest about this, and acknowledge that RSS is customarily used for syndication.  And, there are conventions...

    Did the site itself, break conventions? Surely...the owner lauds himself as an "SEO expert", so I'm sure he wasn't ignorant,,,

    The feed included each article in its entirety, word-for-word. On that basis, the hosting company  acted against me, as their complaint was a tsk-tsk of how we "...infringed word-for-word..."

    (Well, that along with the fact that they gave two days to remove the content, but the email was buried.  Either way, this dude's caused a hassle.) 

    In any event, I'll shut up now.

    Why? In my country, because of my ethnicity, ppl may think I'm thinking revenge. I've been meditating for years. Let the 7000 year old tradition inform my choices...  :)

    No need for vengeance. Even without revenge, there's still standing up for myself righteously, asserting my own rights.  :) 

    Who sticks an entire article and dozens of links in an RSS feed?  :|  PLEASE!!!~~~

    The site's fairly A-list, with accolades and fine words from many respected cultural institutions.  :|

    You know what? I don't give a $H!+... that's meaningless...

    The guy poses as some caring "advocate for change", then takes down a TOTALLY educational site dedicated to the end he claims to be working toward.  :'(  Using a slam that he basically promulgates. Am email would have been nicer... LAME, d00d.

    Sheeeeet, mon, very slick,  but not slick enuf.... >:)

    Community, right?!?!   :| I'd rather have been friends...
  • Anyone around?? :/

    Weirdest thing...

    Not only were the posts restored, but the DMCA claimant's site feed was there again, both after having been deleted!! :o :o  

    What is going on?!

    Is this the hosting company? The competitor? Some other prankster?

    I've changed the PW on the admin accounts and installed a user activity logging add-on. I can't believe it's not built-in.  :(  I've only started messing with WordPress in the last months b/c I had to modify various junk. I ASSUMED it was logging. Never assume...

    That's the first thing I create when I make my own sites. :|  The server should have logs, but they're not going to be nearly as useful.

    I'm going to change it again on a phone I know is clean, no way can there be a keylogger or anything else on it. So that will be ONE good thing. Login PW w/o KB entry is good as well, but I have to see about if it's already written for WordPress.

    I SHOULD just work on improving the CSS and mobile for my own stuff; WordPress seems very porous. 

    I was getting into SimplePie and feeds back in October, and I think I may want to just skip WordPress in future.   Or not. I have to see.

    I feel it's the lazy and unsafe choice. I've had WordFence on a different  WordPress site, and it was hacked anyway. This particular site with recent issues didn't have that add-on.

    It seems that, provided the context, it is only reasonable to consider that this could have only been the result of someone familiar with these details. Definitely not a random act of site hacking.  No one would know to go in  there, re-activate the posts from the trash, and enter the feed URL again by hand and then actviate,  as there is no "trash" for the feed, RANDOMLY.

    What do you ppl think? Anyone have any wisdom they'd like to share??

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