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WARNING About News RSS and G/YouTube Takedowns

I've had a fun week. ~~NOT.

First, I had to resolve an issue with a few sites that had feeds to "hot" content that had been deemed "bad" by G. I watched, coincidentally, as the (newer) site was purged from G! :o :o :o  W T F ! ! !

I had been hand-surfing SERPs for that very site's URLs as it was removed TOTALLY from SERPs. Very good timing.  :)

After deleting the offending content hours later once I realized that it could be what's up, the site was magically restored in ONE minute! The content was not actually target-appropriate, just RSS-derived news, anyway, so no great loss to me.

Just a warning...I don't know what you guys are into, but I have a few different kinds of sites, and if you are into news aggregation, beware that some news stories are like red-hot plutonium now.

This has been a media blitz-type thing, all over the place.

As I said, the actual stories that were banned were outside my focus, but made their way onto my sites anyway.

I don't know if this was temporary, as there was a big uproar, but just reporting what I witnessed.

I do not think this could have been anything else, due to the timing, and how it resolved instantly.

More experienced minds may have alternative explanations...
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