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Old posters

Does anyone know what happened to the old school posters back in 2013-2015 such as Ron? Are they still working in SEO, anyone have any contact?

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  • Tim89Tim89 Accepted Answer
    I think everyone since then is keeping their cards to their chest, as far I as knew, they broke away from this forum and funneled alot of this forums traffic to their own private forums/services..


  • Hey @spunko2010 haven't been here for a long time, but decided to check back in today and saw this. Good to see you're still about mate.

    WRT the others, after we sold serlists, we all kind of just went our own separate ways and did our own thing(s). I suppose the logical thing (as @Tim89 suggested) would have been to start a private forum or something, but at the time we were all doing ok with other stuff, so didn't bother.

    Anyway, AFAIK Ron and Gooner moved away from SEO, and satansapprentice last I heard was doing some corporate stuff. I haven't had any contact with any of them for a couple of years now though, so who knows?

    Myself, I've been doing a lot of affiliate marketing with paid traffic (mostly POP and Native, with a bit of PPC), but I still find the time to spam the search engines to supplement my income.

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