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Content Generator or Writer for PBNs

Don't want to open this up to the public as I only really trust VIP opinions.

I have GSA Content Generator, had WordAi + GetArticlePro, had Article Forge, didn't like SCM.

While CG is fast and a one-off payment, I just get jibberish, original links in the articles, formatting is all over the place, and unrelated content to the keyword. Same as Article Forge.

Yes, I can create 1500 articles in minutes but I have to then spend the next few hours filtering through the duplicates, deleting lots of the content within the articles, editing and adjusting the formatting that it's just a waste of time.

I can outsource writing for $3 per 500 words, yeah it's gonna read pretty poorly but as long as it's unique I don't mind - you'd think that with that said that I'd be happy with auto-generated content, but if I were to pay per piece I'd want a refund or $0.00003 per 500 words to put a figure on it. Sorry - not having a dig at you Sven, your products are great but maybe I'm using CG wrong, but Article Forge was exactly the same. I know it's only as good as the articles that are out there ready to be scraped, but I'm having a horrible time with it.

FWIW I have around 1300+ keywords, in all niches, some are fairly broad ie small business loans, mens watches etc which you'd think would be easy to find lots of articles on those. Like I said I tend to get 1500 articles per scrape. I end up throwing 90% of those away as they are 90% the same article apart from the titles are spun from each other. Yeah I only want 100 or so articles in reality for my PBNs but they are the best of a really really bad bunch.

At the moment, I'm thinking of throwing £2500 at changing all of the PBN content to hand-written, and have another £1650 for new sites, if I decide to go that way. So, as I'm very frugal (optimised I like to call it), it pains me to pay Indians to not listen, write shite, and expect paid.

What do you guys use for PBNs? What the fk am I doing wrong with CG (I've made enough threads in the public CG forums and not found the solution)? Is Article Forge any better than it was 6 months ago?

Maybe it's my history as a writer/editor that makes me picky, but I have been spot checking the articles I put on my PBN sites (I bulk load them) and they are terrible and unrelated to the keyword/niche in many circumstances.

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  • shaunshaun
    I am planning to expand into the PBN area too from Friday. I currently have a 10 domain PBN and a 25 domain Bridge Network I will probably drop the same kind of numbers as you on expanding my PBN while I see how my bridge network stuff goes and expand into that too but so far it's looking decent.

    My current plan is to only use human wrote content on my T1 with human spun content on my T2. The T2 will be a nightmare as the guy who used to make spun articles for me just closed his service and my last service was always late and the content was pretty bad.

    I don't want to risk using auto generated stuff on my PBNs or Bridge Networks as i'm pretty sure Google can detect it. Take some of your spins and run them through Copyscape and the free smallSEOtools plagiarism tool. If they can find duplicates then I'm sure Google can and their algo is only going to get smarter as time goes on. Then push the spin through Grammarly and see how many Red and Orange mistakes it is able to detect, again, I'm sure Google can pick these up.

    I only offer $2.50 per 500 words on Upwork for T1/filler content but have managed to find some decent writers for the price and have just taken my first one as full time to expand my networks.

    When I find a good one I just make sure they know that I almost always have work available for them, I am easy to work for and that they can get easy five star reviews from my jobs. Although a bunch up their rates and move on once they have built up their feedback and happiness score I have had a fair few come back for jobs when they need extra cash or times as slow.
  • Cheers @shaun yeah I think I'll test some content first and see if I rank better. The more I think about it, the more sure I am purely from a relevance factor of the content. Must admit, lately I have just generated content, quick check and fire at PBNs. Not good but effective, rankings are incredible but I want longevity and spun content isn't that.

    I am using and (BradCallen's) for content now, I've set a few writers off on website content for new sites and replacement PBN content, and see what comes back. They have a plagiarism checker built in. One Kenyan and one Nigerian writer. I've used a Jamacain before and she was great but got sloppy, but her grammar and English was excellent.

  • SvenSven
    @JudderMan maybe you use it wrong but maybe it's me having to improve the software and pre filtering. Can we maybe work on this together and you show me what you think the software did wrong so I can fix it (project backups)?
  • Scrape archive and extract content from expired domains.
  • @Sven sorry just saw this message, yes maybe I can send you details. I think I have some old projects and I'll create new ones to see if any updates (along the way) have made any difference.

    I still use CG but I've never managed to get the quality any better than what I usually get.

    Actually, just fired it up this morning and my proxies were old and have been replaced, so I uploaded them and no matter what method I upload them (clipboard or upload file) they have the password first (which is wrong) and obviously the proxies don't work - I have tested them in Scrapebox and Blazing SEO's proxy tester and they work fine.
  • @Sven - OK will try to . Why do the proxies upload with the password first, even if I stipulate it to be last. It's never normally like this.
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