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Siloing hurting site

Just wondered if anyone else has noticed this. My subpages that aren't assigned categories are ranking better than those that are... But strangely this only affects 1 site. I don't use any other taxonomy such as tags.

Anyone know what can cause this, is it some sort of overoptimization? I rarely link to the category pages and they don't pick any many hits either.

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    I've gone back to just plain old normal sites. If categorisation is needed, then just a sensible navigation. No dicking about with silos. Blog content to add more weight, more keywords to the 'money' page. No internal linking from a money page, many going to it (internally).

    My on-page is not far off the same as it ever was 8 years ago. Simple and straightforward, content is less optimised than it used to be.

    I can take a look if you want - I'm in proposal mode right now with potential clients waiting so I'm brutally decimating their sites -> just to be clear I don't want you as client just want to get to the bottom of your problem.


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