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Paid Traffic Actually Bringing Conversions....

Yeah...I know.

I used a BHW traffic seller I used them a few times years ago but I was struggling to keep a client happy - in a very high profile industry, with a Board that is a bunch of old men that want results yesterday and barely even know 'who' Google is... buy some time before I rank for some very difficult keywords, I decided to buy some traffic to inflate results just to get a few weeks and to shut the old guys up. Morally you could say it's a bit iffy, but in reality, more traffic means Analytics looks good, Google sees the bounce rate go down and time spent go up, so gives the site a boost anyway - tested multiple times.

However......for their main keyword (which I'll never rank for, being honest), I sent 4.5k traffic in 3 weeks. With 90 conversions. One conversion pays for my, they're absolutely bouncing. I've been on holiday and moved house so have been busy and didn't refill the balance on the traffic site and they're asking what's up. I said there was a server issue (lol) and should be back to normal soon.

Obviously I'm gonna throw some at some new, old, shit, test and no link profile sites to see what the effects are on rankings/conversions. Maybe it was a fluke, I dunno but for the equivalent of $4 per day ($120pm) it's definitely worth the money if it works. Then....there's going BIG.

Anyone seen the same? Anyone think it's a pile of crap and a coincidence or it's briefly helped rank for the big ass keyword and the conversions came from that?

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  • Interesting, I am assuming this won't work without ANalytics installed. I'll try it on my guinea pig site...
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    Bit late to the party, but this is an interesting idea. I might have to run some tests. I'm thinking maybe use something like with their domain redirect traffic option and bid on niche related specific keywords. Thanks for the share.


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    So no change in SERPS right? When I first started reading your post I thought you were going to say it had moved up in Google too...

    Aren't a lot of these places just placing directory type links on those domain holding pages, so basically that is where the traffic comes from? I don't know if that's true, just what I heard -- but if it is, then it's similar to Adsense I suppose.

  • I dunno how they send the traffic but it's uk for uk site. For the main keyword which was nowhere it went to #245 in G, so yeah it did move it in SERPS.  Needs a lot of testing and I have an idea that it could be used for new site launch, no drip link building bomb, and figure some social stuff out so it feels like an offline marketing viral effect which could  hopefully equal online rankings in a very short space of time.
  • I have no idea mate, defo try it though. The client uses GA and the keyword searches show up, so no 'not provided' traffic if that makes sense.

    I can imagine running say 100 keywords at 100 visits per day would be too difficult for G to ignore and rankings would move. I'm trying on an expensive, compared to others it's 5x more, women's accessory site I've got going. It's an Amazon affiliate site. Will report back with findings. it's called. I can only imagine that the rankings briefly entered a higher position than what my rank tracker showed and that's where the conversions came from. Either way, I'm doing it again.
  • No the actual keywords but something very close:

    luxury holidays
    french holidays

    The site has 100s of holidays all around the globe, top priced places and hotels (as in £10000s per week).
  • @Judderman did you use their Google Booster? or the Direct Booster?
  • Google Booster as I wanted the traffic to look like organic.
  • Not working on my affiliate site. Maybe with the boost in traffic my clients site was briefly placed on the first page for that big keyword, and that's where the conversions came from?

    Needs more testing.
  • Completely forgot about this. Time for another test and will report back.
  • Made no effect, maybe my original test was just luck or on a huge traffic site and gave even more on a keyword they weren't ranking for. Either way, bit of a waste of money.
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