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PBN recommendations plz

Can anyone here recommend or vouch for a PBN network? I'm about to ditch mine as it seems to have been wound down and the owners are involved in other projects.

inb4 I should create my own network

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  • donchinodonchino Accepted Answer
    @spunko2010 I have used few places aside from own pbn. - also advertised on bhw and there's lots of sites, you can see the url, too. But there's so much crap that I didn't want to enable the automatic link picker, but have had much manual work to filter out good sites and then check from time to time if they're still indexed. Haven't used much lately. Either monthly or permanent (equals 6mo) fee. - also can see the url and much manual work to filter out satisfying sites. Many sites are same that are in Linksmanagement but for different price. Monthly fee.  - can't see the site url, only metrics. Used to work great, but ditched the links recently, as their index check didn't seem to work properly and I had the feeling I was paying for nothing. Low prices per link, tho. Monthly fee.

    I've seen several threads on bhw where they offer pbn posts for low one time fee... is this legit? I mean who would want to sell 20 links for one time fee and then pay for the upkeep "forever"... or they just sell infinite amount of links to these domains (low quality)?? Any examples of good sellers maybe?

    Has anyone else used those link marketplaces I mentioned above? What are your thoughts? Can you share other places where you can just buy links without adding your own domains..? @spunko2010 what are you currently using?
  • Accepted Answer
    I'm with tim89. The only thing that moves rankings, pbn and decent content plus on page.

    Spunko email dude if you want a bit of help, on hokiday at the moment but can help when I get back.
  • donchinodonchino
    edited November 2017 Accepted Answer
    @spunko2010 I haven't created a marketplace thread there yet, but I am promoting it in my signature. I don't see bhw as a threat to quality, but more the way I handle this. I won't accept adult, casino, pharmacy, spammy sites.

    Hmm... this forum is doing funny thing, posts are not in order by date, but randomly...


  • Tim89Tim89
    what type of network/system are you wanting, reason being is my system is ready, has been for the last week, i just havent launched.
  • Somewhere I can put in my links and they create the content on established sites. Up to 25 posts a week. 
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2017
    Well, my system would do that but you'll need to supply the content and set up the campaigns.. so they post to your frequency, in terms of established sites, the more users the system gets over time, the more established sites will be in the pool, are you willing to insert some of your own domains in order to get the posting abilities to the pool of domains? This should help explain how it works a little more.

    edit: the system also allows you to post to your own personal/private domains and set up automated/scheduled campaigns as a bonus which is built into every plan.

  • @donchino I was/am using a private PBN where minimum spend per month is quite high, problem is that it's not really as effective as it once was, and isn't cheap.
  • edited June 2017
    Linksmanagement is shit I think. tried them again after a few years break, mainly as I like the way you buy, but the end results are shit and often some are redirected/bad sites/broken and their metrics are based on Page Rank (whatt....)

    Spunko did you try that Sape guy (not sure if it was you I mentioned to) he was called cool.dude.123 on BHW not sure if he's still doing it but £250-400pm (depending on what package) and I shit you not they're worth every single penny. I did well with my car finance site off them but kinda needed something even bigger and a better site. I did this Sape > Huffpo > MS coupled with PBNs direct to MS and a 5k/50k two-tier blast from SER. I'd try it again but going on holiday soon, so will do after the summer.

    I'd use your own though, far more control. I use Jonny (namdas on here) - very safe and affordable. Domains @donchino has found me some good ones (sorry don, still not looked at the last ones only just getting back into work after my wife's surgery last month), you can bulk add domains, bulk add content (I use a 10:1 highly optimised no link:link ratio and 50 random wider industry specific articles per domain) but I also have 17 money sites I use (yes this is the only risky bit) but most are clients and I'm getting to the point I don't need those fuckers now). They're non WordPress so no dodgy plugins to get hacked through. With a little viewing of Jonny's videos, (not really needed but just in case) you could set up a 100 site PBN in a 1-2 days work, mainly as it would be good to spot check, ensure the anchors are correct and that all sites are working. I can't praise the guy enough for additional support, help, add ones, new features.

    I'm still thinking about Tim89's as I'd like to have multiple sources than just Jonny's, the main pro is his knowledge, his past tools (express indexer is great still whereas others have died a death), but sorry Tim still something irks me about it. I need to run a test on it and see how it works, I'm just always wary about priblic blog networks.

  • @Judderman I'm trying to get my colleague to setup our own PBN as I don't have the time. How many hours a week do you spend running it?
  • edited June 2017
    Nearly none a week now. I changed all content recently using GSA CG and had some issues (still do) but that took about 2 days. I've not worked for 4 weeks since my wife was in hospital. No bad really, I always thought I have to work everyday, not so. I just have a million ideas I want to launch which means I work a bit at night.

    I just check Scrapebox to make sure the domains are still cool. Powering them up with SER now. Asking a Russian speaking friend of mine to sort some Sape links out in line with the above guy's cooldude123 sape links I used to buy.

    If time is a factor go with then. Bulk add domains, bulk add content (use CG from GSA as it shoves in the links for you), and boom, you're done. Get on life.

  • edited June 2017
    @JudderMan I cant seem to get hold of  cool.dude.123, do you still have any contact with them? Their Skype paulchester123, but doesnt accept my contact request, and they havent been on BHW in a year.
  • That's all I've got dude, he was a bit shit at communication but was prevalent on Skype. Ping him a few times. Once he knows you want to give him money he should perk up.
  • Tim89Tim89
    sorry for the lack of news about my PBN service, I'm thoroughly testing it currently and also looking at the results it provides, so far so good! The only downside in some minds is that the service is a sharing type system which needs you to input some of your own domains within it in order to use it.
  • @JudderMan still no response darn it. I'll try to find another one.

    I also placed several orders with the service that @Anonymous recommended (links into old articles) but didn't see any ranking gainz.

    Out of ideas here and even considering BHW! *gulp*
  • Tim89Tim89
    @spunko2010 you should get that PBN set up as soon as possible imo, pretty much the only thing that's shifting my own rankings lately.. it's a little bugger to setup (if you're not using any automated type services for setup) but once done, they don't require a lot of work... and I personally wouldn't go above board about the domains you buy, like I wouldn't spend ££££ on a single domain because sooner or later it'll most likely get deindexed, I sh** you not.

    I've also been testing with brand new PBN domains a lot more recently (testing them with epbn) even these, are increasing my rankings when tiered with say, something like TW2.
  • @JudderMan thanks will have to bite the bullet and set it up in a few days I guess.

    In the mean time do you guys ever use a third party paid PBN service?
  • @spunko2010 I wouldn't use a 3rd party PBN. Control is far more important I think.
  • donchinodonchino
    Hey guys, do you ping your PBNs or use any indexer to show G your placed backlinks?

    I added GWT to one MS and it shows older PBNs but not the links I added almost 2 months ago, sites are indexed tho.
  • @donchino I use expressindexer (Tim89s) occasionally if I want to give it a tickle. Works a treat every so often. Especially if I remove links from a client that has left me, it quickly updates and their rankings drop like a stone. They really need to read the contract that states they rent their links from me.
  • donchinodonchino
    Hey guys! Some of you have been asking for expired domains from me to build PBNs, some have asked here where to get PBN backlinks..

    I've seen the need for such service, so I have prepared this for a while. Due to the fact my PBN is large enough, and I am growing it everyday, I have decided to offer it as a service.

    If you do not want to build PBN you can subscribe to homepage backlinks, OR if you are building PBN you can buy expired domains, also scraped html sites ready to upload.

    My team continues to grow the PBN and we try to keep its quality (max 10 links + few authority, no spammy sites).

    Website is if you find it helpful! Cheers.
  • @donchino great, but can you please tell me if you are going to be advertising this on BHW and stuff? I don't buy such services normally if they are listed on there.
  • Maybe @Sven is working on it :D
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