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Analysis of rankings

I've been keeping a manual tab on sites that are ranking for certain niches over the past 5 months. Old school writing it down on a piece of paper - I don't trust these rank analyst companies.

Anyway, I have noticed that this website - in the UK has been ranking perfectly for the past 6+ months in the number 1 position for "buy Facebook likes". All of the other competitors have come and gone.

The same person/company also owns the number 2 result in the UK for "buy Twitter followers", etc.

I can't seem to figure out how they are ranking, a dusting of some medium quality links is all I could find. Their site itself isn't exactly amazing. Anyone know?

(Apologies if the owner is on here)


  • Site is still number 1 on Google :-S

    Another one which I can't crack, search (in the UK) for "Ehic renewal" or any similar KW.

    This site is number 1 despite the fact all of their high authority links have been removed.

    It even ranks above the NHS website for "ehic card renewal".


    510m/s has a major thing to do with it, IMO. Could be faster too, and again IMO having an AMP version is the next big Google expectation - so might as well jump on it now people (this site doesn't have an AMP).

    Dig into (which is redirected to getSOMElikes) probs a load of funky stuff, sorry I don't have time.

    Dunno about the other one.

  • Thanks will check it tomorrow. 
    I tried amp for 1 of my sites but didn't have any effect on rank. Weird huh. 
  • @spunko2010 AMP maybe not now but it will be the next thing Google expects. I am sure of it. Been tracking it for the past 6 months or so. Newsy/Journo sites are ranking top with AMP pages, not the whole site but some are AMP'd mostly likely as they're going to be viewed on mobile rather than desktop, so whatever niche/industry is mobile usage heavy.

    That's my take on it, anyway. I'm sure it will be like when they wanted mobile friendly/meta-viewport or you'd get shifted backwards without.
  • @JudderMan Maybe. I am in the 'AMP is a waste of time' camp, I rarely visit a site and feel it is better if using AMP. I tend to view the non-AMP one, but then I am not the average internet user. I really hate viewing 'mobile ' versions of websites as they remove some of the useful features. Desktop sites on mobile are the way forward - in my opinion anyway!
  • @spunko2010 me too mate, but just sliced my site speed from 2.3 to 569m/s on one site using it. Brand new site, ranking at #25 after 1 day since launch. Still not even finished the site.
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