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GH Site Hosting - Tin Foil Hat

I'm building 10+ sites and wondered what you guys do. Individual hosting, split your own dedi hosting, or random for each site. I have a bit of an issue with all sites being under one GA/WMT account but most aren't GH anyway. I have client sites on the same account as well....potentially dangerous, so looking to move all of mine away, move them to a different login/email, and separate everything. Basically one email/account per site. Nothing mixed together. It'll be a nightmare to track everything but with the current climate of the data hungry G I think it's a good move. And stupidly I use Chrome as it's good for certain plugins that I like.

It might sound silly what I've been doing but I tend to stay fairly clean with clients/my own sites so that's why I didn't hide anything and have a facade of an SEO agency but automated a slightly GH behind the scenes. Now that G has hit so many WH sites it seems safe to say that GH-BH is the way forward for me. Screw em, bank, move on if wiped out.

Judging by my PBN setup I know how to steer clear of any footprints, and the above seems right but I hate admin/logging into multiple accounts.

What do you guys do? Is this too tin foil hattish? Or better safe than sorry? Will it make any difference?

(I sold a site in December and it immediately ranked like fuckery once it moved to his hosting. He changed the design (WP theme) and changed some content to suit his 'voice' and is now #1 for all of the keywords I was going for. This makes me think that a) my hosting/GWMT/GA is black marked as a simple design change would not have caused the ranking increase, dunno if you guys saw but many sites got a huge boost on Jan 1st/2nd this year for no reason and his site was one of them).


  • I tend to use Cloudflare or DynDNS etc - different email addresses registered so they aren't all on the same account there as that also leaves a footprint... Then just hide the real IP address.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Yea, That would be a good move in this climate as you said, especially if the sites are all money sites, might take a little while to migrate everything but if you've only got 10 sites then it shouldn't be a problem, you can easily save log in credentials on a spreadsheet.

    I do try to keep all my money sites on separate hosting plans entirely, I don't use cloudflare, I just set up my own name server for each domain and include the private registered addon all hosting companies provide.
  • Thanks fellas - I've moved everything from G as much as possible. I still use GWMT for client sites under my old account purely as I've asked them to change to another email address but they are being slow at changing it.

    Moved all sites and split them a few per hosting account on different IPs and companies. Not seen any bump in traffic like the OP site I mentioned but it feels better to not have all of my eggs in one basket.

    I have moved from Chrome to FireFox on laptop and phone, and currently moving to another email provider.

    I have reached 100 PBN domains now on one type of PBN solution, so I think it's wise to move onto another - Tim89 yours may well be one to try, mainly as I like your no BS attitude to stuff and I know that Express Indexer works a treat, been an on and off client for a few years now.

  • Tim89Tim89
    Thanks @judderman I'm preparing the release, it shouldn't be too long! 
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