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Experimental idea - feedback requested

Not sure if anyone has ever tried this, but let's say I've just bought "" (DR63, UR17) that has over 1m links to it, but to unique pages not the homepage. EG a website links to "" (dofollow), for example a DA50 link on their site might look like this:

<a href="">384dsdjsid983843</a>

The anchor text is also pretty unique for each link.

So... I am thinking of 301ing a few hundred of the higher DA links to my other sites in .htaccess, and hoping it'll spread the link juice. Anyone know if this will work? Obviously the anchor text isn't going to be relevant to my sites, which is a slight concern, but at least I won't be triggering any anchor filters :D

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    I th ink anchor text is way over-rated/over-used/over-optimised these days. More and more big keywords are just being ranked with click here, URL, naked, brand anchors. The days of exact or even LSI anchors are over in my humble and yet to be fully tested opinion.

    In other words, go for it. Optimise the money page nicely as I am sure you will with plenty of LSI content and you should be laughing. 


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