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How Do YOU Bulk Audit PBN Domains

I am coming to renewal time for the majority of my PBN domains, I've noticed that some are TF0 - I removed some links and rankings dropped, readded and they are coming back to what they were, so TF from my experience is BS. Some are 0 index, so obviously there is no help from those but I'm adding 100s of filler articles with no links to see if it will index - I have a feeling that there is a minimum number of pages that G sees that makes them index old/aged domains again. I have seen some info about this bandied around since the past 2 updates and kinda makes sense to me. They don't like thin sites, they don't really like repurposed domains unless they look legit and have shit loads of content.

As I bought the domains not really interested in metrics, as I have said a few times on the forum, metrics can easily be inflated by SER for instance or any old spam, so I bought them off the RDs - huffpo, newspapers, TV channels etc. All of them have at least 15 really good RDs, I think the average amount of RDs was 200 but some have 10ks while others have 15. With RDs in mind, does anyone boost their PBN domains' RDs with SER? Not the PBN domains themselves but the links pointing at them? Kinda your T3s I suppose.

But, I wanted to know what are your parameters for a good PBN domain and how do you check them en-masse? I am just about to buy another wave of domains and don't want to use a seller but scrape myself with the SBox addon.

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  • Tim89Tim89 Accepted Answer
    @JudderMan that is also my approach when I look for PBN domains, lots of mediocre metric type rather than costly/expensive individual ones, this also helps with variety and expanding your IPs when it comes to your link profile.

    In all fairness, when my domains come up for renewal, I just index check them and if they are still indexed, I just rebuy them all, as you said, stats are most likely bogus since majestic completely trash-canned the metrics of domains a few months ago, if rankings are looking good, I wouldn't change or dismiss any renewal, just keep adding to your network and index check them.
  • donchinodonchino Accepted Answer
    I've been looking at what domain sellers can offer... so far I'm not too impressed. $40 per domain for an expired list with domains that have TF 3 and 10 ref. domains... I can easily find those domains myself, but I wouldn't even pay $12 per year for renewal, having to host and put a site up to it. I'm not buying the story that TF doesn't mean s*ht anymore, these guys just can't find good domains.
    Nargil seems OK, best so far, but still not too impressive... I might use him for some project tho. Honestly, if some of you guys is using,, or some other random domain marketplace, I could scrape you at least similar domains or better for half the price. I'm after my own niche and pass a lot of other good domains along the way.
  • Tim89Tim89 Accepted Answer
    @judderman send them my way if they're still available I'll take a look!


  • donchinodonchino
    I've been actively scraping for a month but seems all good expired domains are gone and only expiring ones on GD auction available.. maybe it's my niche, but made me think to try a seller and get domains in bulk... what could be the catch? Price doesn't seem too bad.
    I first check metrics in bulk with API's and those that interest me I check backlinks manually with Ahrefs to see if it has Ser style boost or legit backlinks.. I used to boost Pbns with Ser but not at the moment.
    Overall, i'm thinking to try a seller if I can find anyone good, besides scraping.
  • Nargil bhw is my next guy I'm gonna use. I have previously used ken.barbie on bhw and Darko ( who is expensive tbh.
  • donchinodonchino
    I have one Australian guy on skype but haven't tried yet.. i believe Ranknetworks is the service name
  • shaunshaun
    @JudderMan what's your thoughts on why they sell these domains rather than build their own sites with them? To me it doesn't make any sense and suggests they are just running a snake oil operation.

    Nargil is very active on BHW, especially in any thread that suggests PBNs are dead but to my knowledge he has never actually shown rankings or analytics of any sites he owns.

    I called him out on it here and to me he is just blagging his reply. There are plenty of ways to outsource his process/outsource site building or JV with someone to increase his monthly profits with these domains but he rather sell them for a one of fee of $50........makes no sense to me.

    I checked Darko out back in the day when I didnt have a clue, asked for some reports of his domains a few month back and out of 15 I think only 2 passed my own tests with many failing on basic stuff like wayback machine spam checks.
  • @shaun thanks mate, yeah Nargil is quite 'chatty' and yeah I appreciate the snake oil analogy, but time spent scraping and dicking about it's worth it for me to just buy some. I don't want 4-5 huge domains for $5k each, I'd rather have 100s of TF15-20 for $25 each or whatever as I know they work and if one 'cog' in my PBN wheel breaks then I can remove it and move on. If a big expensive PBN domain got blasted/called out by competitors then it's a bigger blow.

    Thing is, I can see Nargil being just a salesman. He might be shite at SEO. 

    I do take onboard your comments though and I think a mixture of me scraping and sniffing out some gems as well as just buying some there on the spot from people will work well. I only have 92 domains right now and they work well, apart from a few which I'm checking out, testing, isolating and/or replacing.
  • Thanks @Tim89 I think I just needed a confidence kick in the same direction I was thinking anyway. I've been working less and less, which has always been the plan (the Pareto Principle, daily decrease), but as a result I sometimes feel a little off the boil. Stress levels are down slightly so it's working.
  • @dsonchino I hear ya.  As I'm in multiple niches with my own sites and client's, I need all sorts of industry domains so I'd happily take any gems you find and bung some $ your way for the trouble. I more into the Rds that the domain has so any with big ass sites linking to them I'll have them.

    Happy to pay you a finder's fee. Any domains in the following niches:

    finance/investment (any, broad or anything)
    marketing (not seo)
    medical as in doctors (not pharma/medicine)
    furniture/home/anything to do with housing or even hotels
    beauty (women)

    In fact any decent domains that you don't want, I'll take a look. You should still have my email address from when I had that dismal time with Huffpo articles. That bitch that screwed me still hasn't had an article accepted so she was obviously up to no good. Send me over a spreadsheet or list of them and I'll bung you some cash :)

  • @donchino cheers matey, grabbed me some pretty hot domains. Few of them got snapped up quick, no wonder they were really good, but I got some. 

    Dunno if you other fellas are interested but don's got more, just I only needed these 6 and will add more in a while.
  • Ask@donchino I'm sure he said he had more. I just took 6 which will max me out for a while.
  • donchinodonchino
    @Tim89 I scrape freshly expired domains daily, filter out spam manually, and they go away fast. If you need any, you can send me PM with categories and metrics you prefer, and I can let you know if I find any. Not everyday is the same and sometimes it takes time to find appropriate ones. Other users can contact me as well for this.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Cool @donchino I just thought there were left overs for me to quickly go through for expresspbn, I do pretty much what you do but not everyday.
  • Something I've just worked out, the PBN adventure I went on 366 days ago has earned me 61x the amount it cost me to create, maintain, make mistakes with. I've managed to slice other costs down by £600pm in other areas of the business, so I'm now running at a 89% profit margin - not including my time which is down to around 15 hours per week from 15-20 hours per day when I first started working online for myself. 

    15 hours per week is far more valuable than any amount of money over the base figure of what's needed to pay for daily things in life, so I feel genuinely rich as I get to spend the majority of time with family and work from 8-11/12pm and the odd few hours through the day on some days.

    I was only going to drop SER for a few months to see the effects of a network but it's been so great that I haven't even touched SER apart from to map out some ideas for when I do start using it again.

    Added a few more PBN domains this week but will start using SER again probably next week, I assume that it's still contextual and ratios that matter and low tiers, at least that's what I'm gonna do.
  • shaunshaun
    @Judderman how many times do you link out to money sites from a PBN domain?

    Got some PBN stuff coming up this week but I was only planning on linking out once.
  • @shaun well....I've been sitting on this idea of removing/revamping all of the PBN domains as I've learned a good deal since having them and what I thought back then to now is very different. I was linking out around 1-3 times per domain (but that might be over 20 keyword related articles on the same domain), but they were built as multi-niche domains (for efficiency of cost than efficacy of the domain) and it worked - if I could do it again, I'd have 100 articles per domain with 1-2 links to one money site (domain could be relevant or not, makes no difference to my niches but may be useful for some people).

    My idea now is to have 10-50:1 articles:link per money site, and not be so aggressive with the anchors or have naked anchors - yes this could be seen as a footprint or the domains could be found but most money sites aren't in niches where BHrs are around so I don't see this as that much of an issue.

    As I don't really do any other link building and have no intention yet, I am gonna chill the anchors down. If I was running SER then I would have 100% money anchors from the PBN links and dilute with GSA down to 1%. It's all about on-page now anyway, so no need for anchors. Maybe brand anchors as well.

    What I do see as an issue is using Google products - I stupidly use Chrome and Gmail (I know, I know). The reason is that I sold a site that was making £30pm for £400 to a chap that used to be a web designer. He moved to his hosting in Australia (but it's a and every single keyword I was going for hit #1 about 10 days after he moved. Now then, is this my hosting was crap? My site's IPs are dodgy? My Gmail connected to GWMT/GA is flagged as bad? My business email that runs through my Gmail is all SEOish and G doesn't like SEOrs? Or am I being too tinfoil hat? Since this, I've moved hosting (no changes in rankings). I'll move to separate emails, separate GAs/other Analytics, etc until I see a difference.
  • shaunshaun

    So you let your MS linking pages roll off the homepage? The only PBN site I have seriously tried I pinned the link to the homepage as that was the one with the juice. My plan is pretty much what you said about exact (might go with niche relivant due to Fred) and throw some RX and SER stuff at it for dilution.

    I am skeptical about the whole using chrome thing, I was reading a post on /r/bigseo a few month back about how much shit Google would get into if they did it as their TOS don't give any indication of it being a possibility or some shit. It was all big words and legal jargon that I didn't understand but the basics were it wouldnet be worth Googles time when they can profile a domain and detect changes.

    Like Majectic knows what a site is about and I would imagine Googles tech is much better so why risk legal action snooping through chrome data when you can just run a check for sites that went from 100+ pages about TVs for example to a 10 page site about dog food.
  • Nah I keep one article with the best content on the homepage and make it sticky. That said, I might have 5+ homepage posts, just depends, I tried to do it fairly random but that in itself is fairly difficult when I have one preference.

    Cool thanks for the info, maybe a move to FireFox and not sure about emails as Gmail/Calendar etc is all pretty useful and intuitive whereas others are pants.

    Haha, "why risk legal action"'ve seen their offshore data farms, which I'm sure will be out of reach of any laws....another grey area that they'll be capitalising on no doubt.

    How do you know about my dog food/TV site? Damn....gonna have to not use naked anchors.

  • shaunshaun

    Mate the threat is real! I guy inbox me on Reddit about a week ago and he managed to find one of my money sites and two or three of my domains. Worked out how he did it so I will be doing things differently from now on with the new batch.

    Do you still use a broker for your domains or do you scrape them? I used a broker for this first one but I have been looking at the Scrapebox expired domain finder plugin.
  • I used various suppliers in the past. Wish I hadn't but didn't know what I was doing. I've got the sb plugin but never had time to use it or could get any results yet.

    OK dude think I'm gonna stop using anything Googleish.
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