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Clients asking about link-building (PBNs)

I've had 11 new clients this past month, each and every one (and current ones) ask how I get backlinks. I've told some the truth, a collection of high power/authority sites that we have access to (not saying I own/rent the domains). I've told others to fuck off and read the contract as it states that no SEO training/information will be given regarding this as a) all backlinks are freely available to view on Ahrefs (lol, blocked...which causes its own problems) and GWMT.  I had one big client go digging and ended the contract on the spot - some royal invests in his company and there was too many board members to rub the wrong way was his reason the day after as he apologised about swearing and going mental at me the previous day.

Other clients I've told to just look at rankings/traffic and decide whether they want to continue from there.

What's mad is I've never had a client site penalised, apart from when web designers redirected their homepage and then to a non-existent page, and another for 100% duplicate content, both of which were nothing to do with me. I rely on clients so why would I do anything that would cause jeopardy to them. I get that they are wary and usually want to see links from the BBC/Telegraph (newspaper for nonUK people) but I've told them if they want those then their budget needs to go up 1000x what they pay me.

I get there's a lot of money, lives, jobs at risk and they're worried but what do you guys say?

If I was on the other end of the coin, I'd probably want to know as well, but hold them accountable if shit hits the fan (which my contract states....I'm fully-insured anyway so I don't care either way).

What do you guys say? Most of these are OK-sized companies (T/O £600k-5m)

Best Answer

  • Check this service then, reminds me of SAPE I'm still not sure how they manage to find thousands of niche relevant links, but this service is a guest posting, the only difference is they add your links to old posts that have been indexed for years, instead of the brand new page.


  • shaunshaun
    Not sure how many people do proper client based SEO on here mate so not sure what kind of response you will get about your main question.

    Maybe have an addon package where you bribe writers/contributors on bigger sites and charge your client the extra cost +xx% and then point your PBN links at that page to pass the juice onto their main page?
  • Heehee, fair enough. Dunno why I do it. Sick to death of them.

  • shaunshaun
    @anonymous have you tried that service before?

    I have a few threads on BHW that offer manual out reach services and similar stuff but I am yet to try them as I have been thinking of going down that route.
  • Ive tried it and I know the guy behind it. Awesome links.
  • I always get a bit disappointed when I realise that an SEO service is run out of India, generally they are shit.

    @anonymous are you getting good results with this service? I'd be interested in hearing some feedback.
  • Tim89Tim89
    my new service has been in the pipeline for over 8 months so far, which will offer decent metric domain posts for a fraction of the price compared to the service mentioned above but it all depends on what type of links you're wanting and the competitiveness of the niche.

    I've always thought twice about one off payment PBN networks, considering they do not even provide a full link report, the shelf life expectancy of those links are completely hit or miss depending on the turnover of the network and if it's worth while for the owner of the network to maintain the network and continue its' up-keep in hosting... you'll never truly know for sure.

    In my opinion for a network to truly be worth-while from a long term "service" perspective, there is no proper way of doing things unless things are transparent but trust would be a main factor.
  • edited March 2017
    @spunko2010 @shaun I had tons of improvements for my keywords. After my PBNs, these type of links is second best "white hat" links that you can get. I can give you the info of the owner of these links; this guy resells his links.  These are gains from my pharmacy site. I added 20 links.
  • shaunshaun
    @anonymous nice, are they still holding after last night? I have seen multiple people on BHW saying how they have had their public blog network domains deindexed in the update on the 8th.
  • My PBNs not been hit but looks like it shows on indexer sites that has linked them together. I've never used an indexer on any pbn domains so either someone has or somethings up. Absolutely pissed off. It's leaving a footprint .
  • @Anonymous if you dont mind sharing his contact details I will get in touch. Would be interested in hearing feedback on PBNs etc since March 8th, strangely only 1 of my sites has been hit.
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