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Anyone Fancy Going 1/2s, 3rds on SEMRush

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Hi 'quietest part of the forum people'

I just cant justify paying $144 (with VAT) for something I need sporadically but I'm using it more and more at the moment. However, I'd probably not use it as much in a few weeks' time so I'd like to not pay through the nose for it. It's not worth $144pm for me, but I do like to use it (but it's still not worth it's not really accurate).

I'd need an NDA signed as well and only people from VIP. 

So, anyone use it but don't want to pay that much for it? I don't want to go down the Fiverr route...or is that the best way? Sounds iffy to me.


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  • donchinodonchino
    If you brought this up... I've been using mostly Ahrefs myself with paid subscription, and Majestic for TF/CF... though Ahrefs doesn't show everything it seems to be giving most data atm... Why SEMRush? Is there any benefit above others or just personal matter of taste?
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    @donchino just personal taste and a basis for my reports or proposals for clients (hence the NDA).

    @Anonymous ....well....I've seen that linked to before but never bothered looking at it. Thanks, that'll do.

  • +1 for groupbuyseotools

    Cancelled my Ahrefs and SEMRush subs for the same reasons @judderman
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    SEMRush is best used for Keyword analysis and gathering.
  • @davbel just about to buy it now, been so busy never got round to it.

    Thanks linklist, I thought you were a bot for a second, but I get what you mean - however, my clients tend to like fancy graphs and shit which I'm just not into, I'd rather just tell them to look at their analytics themselves (organic) and track conversions but people want metrics and graphs that mean shit all :)
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    Lol! You were close - I hadn't had my morning coffee yet. And fair enough :)
  • Haha :)

    I've just found which adds a bit of 'jizz' to reports which will do for now I think. Still gonna write them in Word.
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