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SEO Quiz : Who's Right About URL Structure

I have an SEO friend who is far more BH than me, he's taken a few years out of SEO as he was just site flipping, and has made an ecommerce amazon site that has 86million pages. It has 300k indexed, but as with all auto Amazon aff sites it has dupe content. However, in my mind, G doesn't mind that there is dupe content from Amazon (and Amazon only I think) and will rank sites regardless as long as on-page is good, well set up site, fast etc etc

He has the URL structure like this, who he consulted many people (including another SEO friend that is far better than me and I don't say that much) (some URLs have no space between the wordslikethis.

That's the main jist of it, there's some really clever stuff done to the site, really clever blocking of bots and lots of other stuff that is fascinating but the URL structure bugs the fuck out of me. He's losing money as he had 3+m indexed 6 months ago and now 300k, and revenue went with that, sometimes only $50 a day from $500+.

I suggested making the site

Hierarchical, easy for G spiders to categorise and order, and crawl.

It also means that you can smash the categories with link building as it would filter through to sub-categories rather than each product, which you'd end up just having to spam with Xrumer/GSA with naked/brand links and even that would take forever to set up. Add supporting content from a blog to each parent and sub category (at first) then sub sub categories once money is no object and eventually products in order of price/profitability and TBH by that time some bugger else would be looking after the company.

You can see I've written this fairly biased to me. He sent me a link to G saying some shit about they treat every URL separately whether a file or directory, which was in 2010. I get that, it's the hierarchy or lack of it that I have an issue with.

To add a bit more detail, we've teamed up with our PBNs (there's plenty of trust there you see, and I don't trust any one), and my sites and client sites are absolutely rocking and his is mediocre and actually less traffic - this could be the time of year as G is dicking with ecommerce sites and service sector sites are flying (as they offer no competition to Adwords), so I suppose we'll see next week what the real deal is.

Any opinions would be great.


  • Oh and when you click on the sub-sub category the URL changes to this:

    Which again I think is completely incorrect, don't care that it shortens the URL, I know people are saying 8 words are the best length (bullshit in my opinion and have many sites to prove otherwise).
  • Everybody is going to have different opinions, but in my experience:

    have worked the best providing the on-page is good... 

    My initial thought about the de-indexation would be that it may be due to the pages not being viewed as "worthy".  I talk to a few peeps messing about with Serpshaker type sites and they seem to be experiencing the same thing
  • Thanks @davbel he said that since October's update that no new pages have been indexed since then (+ deindexation previous to that, I think July time).

    Frustrating as I want to crack this for him, mainly as I hate seeing problems I can't find a definite solution for. Hr's gonna do some cool things for unique content, so will see how that test on 5k pages turns out.
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