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Google DMCA takedown, options what to do

My site's homepage got a DMCA takedown on Google, I added GWT and got the message. Though there was no specific reason for the takedown, I removed some photos, added disclaimer to footer and submitted the DMCA reconsideration from GWT, where i chose "I have removed the infringing content". The same minute i got an automated email saying "At this time, Google has decided not to take action."

It's a product review site, where i have the brand in domain and texts (removed some photos where the brand was on), but there are lots of similar sites in that and also other niches, next to my site on serp. The company who sent the dmca takedown was not the brand mentioned but some really random..

My question is, what do you think, should i try a new reconsideration request choosing "this content belongs to me" - if the option i chose first was the reason for no action? Or should I just move the site to new domain, wait till subpages are deindexed, and change links on my tier1 properties? How many links at a time and at which pace would you replace the links? With fresh content new link (blogs) or replace the current ones? The site has around 15 quality tier1. Thanks!!


  • Is this the site I would know about? If so I'll take a look. Not my speciality in the slightest but just intrigued as to why you got the DMCA.

    Content is all unique? Did it show the company that submitted it? If so, are they a competitor? What's their beef? Can you contact them and try and get them to rescind it once speaking to them....if not....then cause them problems after calling them a wank spanner ;)

    I'd try again and see what happens. If not, move to a new domain, tweak the site, and change t1s. Don't waste too much time fannying on doing it legit. Google is a shit head with wanky rules so treat them as such.

  • donchinodonchino
    No, you don't know about this site. Content is all unique. They don't seem to be a competitor, maybe want to make the web a better place by getting rid of alternative choices to known brands. Somewhy looks a bit like mistakenly added to the dmca list... But anyway, I've been thinking here and moving site to new domain seems like a good idea.
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    You could have quite possibly been hit with an automated-dmca bot (Most big brands just have them driving away). Google is more or less beholden to honor any, and all, DMCA requests - regardless of veracity.

    The request should actually tell you what the offending image/content is though.
  • File a counter DMCA claim back to Google, the onus is then on the reporter of the "infringement" to clarify their claims.

    I get loads of these automated DMCA reports for my sites, they go to my host, who has to pretend to care. All I do is file a counter-claim and send it to the host, never hear anything back.
  • donchinodonchino
    edited December 2016
    @spunko2010 I guess it's easier with host. I filed a counter claim in GWT, and all I got was an automatic reply the same moment that "Google has decided not to take any further action". I'm not sure if it was because I chose "I have removed the content" option there... maybe should have chosen "I am the author of content", cause I wasn't even sure why the dmca takedown happened in the first place. Maybe google scanned the site and still found the brand name in question in texts, or google just doesn't care at all. For now, I have already swapped the site to a new domain.
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