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Google UK - Weird goings on

Is anyone else noticing some crazy things in the SERPS currently? Firstly I've noticed that a lot of my sites are showing as being updated in 2011 even though the domain wasn't registered then. Secondly I've seen some mega movement down in the past few days, but only for specific pages. Some are still where they were on the same domain.

Then I got a weird manual action warning about 'rich snippets spam' via WMT even though I'm not using any.

I thought it might be a negative SEO attack but nothing yet.

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  • edited November 2016
    Just to add, as reported on Moz and elsewhere the date thing is a bug in Google, or possibly on purpose, it's defaulting to the published date of any embedded YouTube videos... :-S

    This might have been why my sites have been downgraded in Google (some but not all, seems to be only those affected by this bug). So I guess that Google shows more recently updated content higher up in the SERPS and this is why they've all sunk down 5-10 positions or so. Not sure if anyone has ever tested that but food for thought. Either that or the CTR went down as people assumed the content was 6 years out of date... But then if @Anonymous is right then the CTR of organic listings has no result on the serp position, so I have no idea.

     The "last updated" rich snippet is more important than I thought clearly.
  • Yeah, I was quite lucky to not have much happen last year lol.

    I found this thread where others have the same problem:
  • Someone even says can't believe they've done this so close to Black Friday....

    Change dates or repost content with videos? Run a load of indexers. I dunno Google is a dick but I've not seen anything bad lately all pretty good.
  • KaineKaine
    edited November 2016
    Hard to says what is the problem with your multiple 301.

    Personnaly i have stopped build backlinks, just 3-4 articles post by hand for many month and my principal website rank nicely :)

    i think google depreciate power of backlinks, take all your littles articles (on your website) and mix in one big. Seem to be have good result.
  • @Kaine what 301 are you referring to?
  • Tim89Tim89
    My sites are all fine to be honest, no drastic changes.
  • KaineKaine
    edited November 2016

    I remember you 301 redirect old domains successively to the last. I guess the algo shift effects have to get out of sync and it must be hard to know what to do. I mean that the site at the end of the chain can be perfect and yet "suffer".

    I had a site like this and everything I linked to it ended up in the bottom of the serps ...

    One of my websites was not able to position well so I totally stop sending him automated backlinks.

    I scrapped the content of all the best sites of the competitors sites for queries that interested me and then I passed them in a script (Markov) to generate big unique content. I then posed very big articles on best sites of my country (not in the same sector some being even in nofollow but all submitted on I then commented extensively on multiple occasions with the rest of the content.

    The site has already mounted well, that over several months with only 3-4 post comments. But what offered the best result, is to have collected the contents of several pages of my sites to make it bigger ...

    Now my site have take one page in Google results, just under biggest concurents.
  • KaineKaine
    I just realized that I made a total off topic ... sorry ^^
  • Haha no problem.

    By the way I did the Recrawl As Google thing, seems to have worked. Never wanted to risk it before but the updates were there in a few hours.
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