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In state of flux. Looking for some VA job in the meantime

Hello guys. 

Posts like these are uncommon for VIP section. So please ignore this post altogether unless you want to hire VA. 

I am currently in a state of flux followed by the loss of my properties and inability to quickly assess and restructure. 

Normally I would plan ahead, but any ideas I currently have would be profitable in the long term. The sad thing is that everything happened so fast, and I kinda need money now.

If anyone would need a hand with the following:

Sape (+Sape Master)/Gogetlinks/Mainlink/Seopult etc.
Zennoposter (automation)/Some A-parser
i.e. any tool/service that is not super advanced.
Site-related work (data management, content management, etc.), text-related work (manage, spintax etc.)

and any other VA-style kind of work that comes to mind. Nothing fancy like Software Development or Advanced web design unfortunately.

Decent English ("live" examples are on this very forum), native Russian.
Reliable, honest, dedicated. 
I can dedicate up to a 6 hours a day. As cheap as humanly possible for both parties.

If you feel like hiring an extra pair of hands, please drop me a line via PM.

(I asked Sven if it's OK to post this kind of thread. I decided to post it in this section since all people here are really good folk and I am somewhat trusting person :) )


  • Hi, I might be interested as I think you are Russian right?

    Can you share by PM any of your success stories? Obviously not the full details but if you have some proof of stuff that you've ranked - assuming it's still ranking. Or do you do short-term only?

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