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SEO list builder - worth the effort?


I'm currently using Scrapebox -> PI with PR emulated via PS to compile my identified list.

Just recently stumbled across SEO List Builder. I don't mind the $27 bucks, but I've read a wide range of feedback. Are any of you using this tool? Is it worth giving it a try?

thanks, Jon

Best Answers

  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ - Accepted Answer
    I gave it a whirl awhile back, and @shaun nailed it. In fact it does a few things worse than scrapebox.

    Your looking for the Link Extractor plugin I think, which is free and included with scrapebox.

    Just my .02 cents
  • shaunshaun Accepted Answer
    Also guys, SER has its own version of link extraction if you are just starting out the post to competators backlinks is very similar just be mindful it will rape your SER threads but if you only have a few projects then crack on :).


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