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A PBN/PBN Management P2P network

edited September 2016 in VIP Section
Hello peeps, I have been, for the last few months been developing a web application that is based around a P2P PBN sharing network type system with the added extra of also allowing users to manage their own PBNs privately if they wish all accessible from their dashboard, users will be able to post/delete/schedule posting to their WP based PBN sites, no WP plugin required so no footprints left behind as I know another service which is similar does require a plugin to work.

Basically, the application will work as a PBN sharing eco-system, you sign up, pick a size plan that would suit your needs and then you will need to share a set number of your own domains in order to access a large number of other domains in return (these numbers depend on what plan you take out), for example, the minimum plan could be you are required to insert 10 of your own domains in order to access 20 additional domains within the pool of domains...

You will be able to pick/select domains that best match your niche and group them or save them in a "mini network" which you can then schedule posts to be sent to those blogs or you can post to individual domains.

Domains that users add will be checked using Moz stats on the fly, if domains are added that don't meet our minimum required statistics then the domain will be rejected and will not count to your addition to the pool of domains, there will also be index statuses of all domains in the network and Majestic stats will also be available.

On the other hand, I've spoken a little about how the sharing eco-system will work but now I'll explain a little about the private side of things, included, with the same plan and will not be charged extra for, will be the ability to insert all of your personal private network to your dashboard/manage pbn interface, you will be able to set these domains to "private" instead of "public" and you will be able to see all your stats for the domains (moz/majestic) and also if they are indexed or not, you will be able to make posts to those domains, delete posts, edit posts and I'm also debating about being able to update WP and plugins remotely also but I'm not sure yet, you can include pictures/videos etc all from the posting page, there would literally be no reason for you to do it manually going to each site again and again.

There is a section to manage your back links so you can see all of your backlinks and you'll be able to export them etc, Article Builder has been fully integrated at the moment with also the content injection feature or you can copy/paste or write your own content, spintax supported for posting to a multiproject (posting to a mini network).

There are many other features and bits and pieces I've not mentioned but I wanted to shoot this out to all the VIPs first to see or get some feedback and possibly some beta testers, I've already asked a few close friends who I've known for a while now from a private forum I'm a member of to beta test this app once it's ready but I don't mind allowing a few beta test spots from here also if anyone would be interested.

Edit: This network, once released will not be a public type "anyone can sub and pay for at anytime" type service, I am not wanting the average joe type SEO, this isn't geared toward that type of person, this service will be behind lock and key and I will only be allowing new registrations a few times a year perhaps by recommendations, we shall see, in addition to the user added domains, I will also be adding fresh domains with good metrics to the network each month which will allow for more diversity and increasing the network size, one of the main reasons I will be running the service like this is simply so the legitimate "SEOs" will be able to take care of their content and also the pool of domains and not just post gibberish etc.

Your thoughts?


  • Like it but probably won't use it myself. Could be open to hacking/injecting/bad shit - pessimistic view yes but that's me.

    As you mentioned I'd be very wary of people's 'public' ones - how are they hosted, are they protected, any footprints? You can't be sure that even trusted SEOrs are as careful as you'd probably want them to be. I'd be tempted not to use other people's but the premise sounds great but you don't want one bellend ruining it for everyone.

    Having Moz metric checkers are all well and good, but not the full picture, you may throw out powerful domains with awesome backlinks that have low TF/DA for whatever reason (I have a 51DA site that you wouldn't want a link from and TF0 that you really would want one from) and/or easy to manipulate these figures to gain access to other people's domains and leech of their power rather than contribute to the network - OK I might have done this with Fight Factory a few years back but it was to test to see what I could pull from it and had some spare domains that I 'increased' their PR as it was back then. I think everyone did the same and it never really worked for me so gave it up.

    Anyway of YOU hosting it which would let you increase the payment for this system? There are ways and means to make this viable. Then people could literally dump many more domains into this app rather than go through the hassle of hosting them all individually themselves, which would free up £ to spend on more domains.

  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey mate, thanks for the input.

    The application is being built by professionals to in terms of it potentially being hacked would be minimal, it would be no different to any other site being hacked, I do not want to bring massive attention to the service and I will be keeping it low key so that should help also.

    The user added domains will be hosted by the user, this guarantees' a widespread/random set of hosting for the domains that will be available, I did think of providing hosting but in terms of footprints I decided not to include this.

    I will be moderating the posts/domains regularly to make sure quality is maintained..

    Even though Moz stats can be manipulated, so can Majestic TF and CF, all 3rd party statistical domain tool numbers can be manipulated, I have purely included these stats as they are a big factor for many SEOs and provides a guide line for most domain quality/power, I have included index/TF/DA/ for the users benefit.

    The most important factor about this service is the capability of having "real" sites perhaps pointing to your tier 1 personal PBN links, which would be far better than having absolute trash being thrown at your PBN posts, you could even use the service for tier 1 links, they would be much better than standard free Web 2.0s, real self-hosted sites carry much more weight than free Web.20 sites, we all know this, one of the reasons why PBNs are very valuable/effective.

    As you mentioned in your first sentence, Hosting was considered but as you said, if anything was to get hacked, the hacker wouldn't be able to do much without having hosting access, albeit if injection wasn't available to them, but if I were to allow hosting, 1. would increase potential threats and 2. SEO hosting is kind of trash and anyone providing a PBN/Hosting type app is highly likely to be using a SEO resellers account and simply dumping all or most domains on single accounts thus I have decided not to provide hosting which will evidently increase IP uniqueness overall as the users will be hosting the domains themselves, although I could introduce hosting if the demand is there in the future.. but I am reluctant to.
  • Is this similar to the fight back network?...minus the plugin??
  • Tim89Tim89
    @steelbone I've not personally used FBN so I can't say how similar it is in all fairness, I understand the way FBN works so on that basis, it's pretty similar when it comes to domain/pbn/sharing but with added features.
  • thanks tim...i would have some interest in using this to rank some high quality parasites/web2.0's.....
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited September 2016
    @steelbone it'll be a fantastic service for boosting your already tier 1 PBN posts with quality, long term links.
    edit: no WP plugin required.
  • Tim89Tim89
    A lot has been done with this project these last couple of weeks, more features have been introduced, bugs have been fixed and it is practically all functional, apart from the network posting/scheduling, but individual posting(s) works fine as well as individual scheduled posting, you can now also manage your own private domains too, with the ability to create your personal/private network of domains as well as pubic domains that are available in the marketplace, I added this feature because most feedback were requesting the same functionality to be able to manage personal/private domains as well as the public listed domains, this especially will reduce your workload if you manage a huge private network or you provide a PBN selling service, you will be able to insert your domains, create a network and then schedule a campaign to post to your network effortlessly.

    Majestic stats has been introduced now, but there is a delay, so once you insert your domains into the system, it should take 24-48 hours for the majestic statistics to start displaying.

    There is a 2 IP limit when inserting domains into the public marketplace, so the system will only allow you to submit up to 2 domains sharing the same IPs, this helps with unique hosted domains that are available in the marketplace.

    If you have ALOT of private domains that you would like to insert into the system as "Private" or "Public" but you don't want to do this all 1 by 1, there is a Bulk upload feature where you can just upload a csv file with your domain/details and they will all be added to your account within seconds, the csv file should be formatted like the below image;


    If you use Article Builder to automatically post to your current network for "filler content" with larger/authority type PBN domains, you can also do this within the dashboard, you have full functionality when it comes to AB with all modules included, even injecting content.

    In the manage backlinks section, here you can find a list of all of your backlinks for all projects combined or you can view/export backlinks that belong to a specific PBN Network you have created.

    There is a Hosting Details section, this is a place where you can, if you need/want, to store your hosting details so they are all in one place rather being in a spreadsheet on your computer, this is especially useful if you have lots of different hosting accounts/passwords you work with.

    In the settings tab, here you can enter your API credentials, for the moment it only displays AB but this page will be where all API credentials are located (for future integration). There is also a FTP section, this is also very important, it requires an FTP account of yours, so that all images/media is uploaded to when you include things within your articles.

    Lastly, there is a Guide section, where user-manual(s) will be available so you can have a proper understanding of how everything works, at the moment still being written up.

    If anyone would like a testing account, feel free to let me know and I'll set one up for you, please bare in mind, testing accounts are totally free but in return I do ask for your opinions/suggestions and bug(s) reporting back from you.
  • donchinodonchino
    @Tim89 What's the current status of your network? I browsed your site and looked at the Larger package. That would mean I give out 50 domains for others to post to, and in return get 100 links for $1.50 per link ($150/mo). That would feel reasonable if the domains I get to post to, were with good natural backlinks (not Ser boosted etc.)... You said domains added to the network are measured by Moz DA, also UI shows TF etc. The sites I can post to - are they randomly selected, can I choose them myself, or are they with similar metrics (DA? TF?) to domains I add for others, or... ?
  • Tim89Tim89
    hey @donchino all domains in the public pool will be available for you to select from, you can browse through the different categories and look at domain stats(moz and maj) and youre in charge of which domain(s) you would like to post on.

    you can build your own network of sites that are available and then set up an automated campaign to post to each domain over a period of time if you want or you can instantly post.

    There will be a mix bunch of domains available once it's launched, as more users subscribe, the pool of sites will increase massively and after time there will be a huge database of real self hosted domains available.

    I will also be adding more domains with metrics each month so there is a constantly supply of fresh domains for everyone.

    on the other hand, you can also use the system to automatically post to your own personal network this will have the same functionality as the public side, so you're able to set up and forget for example a tier 1 campaign that posts to your own private network and then collect the backlinks once it's completed etc.

    the system automatically checks for deindexed domains and drops them from the pool and also notifies the owner of that domain by email which they would need to replace etc.

    lots of other features also, these above are just a few, its been over 7 months in the making and its practically finished at the moment, once its launched, it will be version 1 and i will be updating the app frequently with more features (customer suggestions) but as it stands now, it's pretty robust.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I wanted to create a good PBN eco-system that will constantly get bigger and bigger and bring it to everyone at a decent price, also allowing people to expand their own PBN or backlink reach by sharing some of their own and receive double their links back, every month, without the need for someone to actually own or pay hosting on the number of links they will be able to get in return.

    The links that will be available will be far better than any web2.0 or automated softwares that build links, without any captcha costs, without any serverside or client side needs, we don't even require a wordpress plugin.

    In terms of link cost/value, yes as you said, it is and will be a very good deal.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited April 2017
    In regards to metrics, Moz DA/PA and Maj TF/CF are given for every domain also the domains index status so that you can make an informed decision in which domains you would like to post on.

    this is the statistics tab which is available for every listed domain;


    direct link:

    There will be a mixture of domains available once it's launched but I can and will be setting a minimum requirement in terms of metrics that users will need to pass for each domain they try to add to the network, I am also going to be adding fresh domains as well as aged domains with metrics to increase the pool size but as time goes by, the pool of domains will grow exponentially.

  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey @Anonymous yes, the system is ready and I will be officially releasing it soon with a sales thread on here.
  • Sorry to be a pain but will it be easy to see volume and say top 3-5 RDs a domain would have ie filtered to show best ones to give an indication.
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