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Is there a way to register .edu domain?

Hello guys,

I found couple epic .edu domains, but as far as I know you need an educational institution in order to register them, but still maybe there are some tricks to register them and if you know the way let me know because this domain is pure gold!

It literally contains hundreds and hundreds of most authoritative websites that you can think of.


  • i have never tried to register one...what happens if u use some shit registra from over seas...any chance of getting ti registered???
  • Woah, I want that site. Is it possible to start an online 'school' or college course website to enable you to buy it? 

    Other than that, tap up someone at a college or school and get them to buy it, and strike a deal with them - maybe say you'll run the site for them or something but really just make it for yourself.
  • I don't know, never tried but I heard it's impossible to register .edu/.gov domains that easy. If you can and know how the "easy" way let me know and I will gladly share some more .edu domains with similar metrics like this one.
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    I bet most schools/colleges don't have their own webmaster but will be a sub-contracted web dev who will no doubt buy the domains for them? Contact some 

    Find some fat chick in admin, show her your dick and get her to buy it thru the college.

  • Try it? It might only be short-lived if you do manage to buy it.

    Or get someone in admin to buy for you as mentioned. seems universities build many other sites so the above 'should' work you just need to find someone willing to take a backhander.

    If it was a pre-2001 domain you might be in with more of a shot of keeping it or it looks pretty impossible unless you do what I said above.

  • @JudderMan It definitely works, my .edu domain is available for registering. By the way, what do you mean "short-lived if you do manage to buy it" ?
  • @Anonymous check the links for eligible institutions that are allowed to own/run a .edu - unless you pay someone from a legit uni/college in the US (as all .edus are US only it seems) then they (EduCause) could come down on you and take it off you somehow ie short-lived. 

    I'd say it's worth a try as you'll be ranking pretty much anything off that one site lol

    (Can I buy a few PBN posts if you get it, pleeeeeese :)
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    Given that each eligible institution is limited to registering one .edu domain name, according to Wikipedia I'm not sure you'll manage to find a way. Presumably the best way would be to falsely represent yourself as being related to the institution in the expired domain, similar to the thing a few years back. I'm more than happy to do that if you would consider a 50:50 partnership on this domain :D
  • @Anonymous did you manage to do it? I got knocked back but may have a guy that can get the papers to help, but he's worried that it's too much hassle, as am I.

    I'm sure there are plenty of other domains that are far easier to get, but owning some edus would be great yet it sounds impossible right now.
  • Anything that seems too much hassle in SEO usually isnt... :)

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