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Hacked Google Maps links...?

If you search for 'Wordpress themes' theres a site that sticks out like a sore thumb which piqued my interest -

Looking at ahrefs they appear to be ranking from Google Maps links, that you can't actually see. I thought at first they might be customers who haven't removed the code, but a lot of these sites aren't Wordpress ones...!

A Russian guy asked about this last year:

Does anyone know anything more, perchance?

Best Answers

  • cherubcherub UK Accepted Answer
    They're generating their map code via this site:
    ...which is adding a sneaky link to the code
  • cherubcherub UK Accepted Answer
    I know that links written via javascript (document.write and other methods) can be followed like normal links, but I don't have/haven't seen any concrete data to say that they pass any 'juice'.

    I like the way the map-embed site has refrained from advertising their service via the javascript output (eg // generated at - makes the whole dodgy linking thing harder to uncover. Gives me numerous nefarious ideas now though ;)
  • cherubcherub UK Accepted Answer
    Need a popcorn gif but can't be bothered to find one? You need - simply paste this javascript into your page and a random popcorn gif will be displayed! (hehe)


  • Thanks... makes sense. Very sneaky
  • Related to this has anyone ever done research into document.write js and if it carries link juice? I have an idea. ..
  • (Doesnt look like it does - back to the drawing board)

    What I don't understand is why they don't mask this through a 301.
  • edited September 2016
    That's interesting, I've seen some evidence that document.write does pass after researching it briefly, but doesn't appear in AHrefs etc.

    I've got some ideas too @cherub, but it seems a few others also have similar ideas, I've done more research. Late to the party as always :D
  • Following up on this @cherub, let's say that a website is giving out a free javascript snippet hosted on their own CDN, and this .js file is loaded on some really important websites already. Now let's say that javascript snippet website is owned by me :)

    I'm trying to think of a way to add a link to these sites using the JS. EG: document.write will add an actual link, at least in appearance, but I don't think it allows linkjuice to pass (despite what I said above, I now have no idea after much research).

    The site above adds the link in HTML rather than in javascript, I'm trying to think of ways to get my hidden link into existing installs of the JS via updating the source file.
  • If all they're loading is the .js from your server, then yes you should be able to get your link in there, using document.write or similar (you'll probably want to style the link so it isnt visible, and even obfuscate it in the code to protect from prying eyes). If they're cut'n'pasting some code then they'll have to do it again.

    The links will probably get followed but as far as whether they'll have any effect on rank, you'll have to find that out by giving it a go.

    Some alternatives to document.write:
  • I should also say that this will probably only work if the <script> is loaded in the page <body> area
  • [can'tbebotheredtofindapopcorngif] :)
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