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EMail from Google

Just wondering if anyone has ever received anything like this? At first I was panicking, thinking it was a trap, but then I remembered Google already knows everything about me anyway! :D


I was reading about {} after a bit of our team's research on the company within the space, we thought we'd reach out from the GoogleGrow team here at Google HQ.

To give you some context, my team partners with a select group of 10-12 emerging companies every quarter that we believe holds the strongest potential to succeed on the Google/YouTube platforms. We offer high-touch account management services free of charge, with the goal of creating a digital strategy to significantly increase your user base, and improve your unique user traffic and branding. We also assist with account builds optimization and getting access to betas that we are testing for our advertisers.

I would like to learn more about you and {MYSITE.COM} and explore if there is a mutual interest in working together. Do you have a few minutes to chat this week? Feel free to drop a time in my calendar via {Google Calendar) and I will give you a call then.


Is this just a feed-in for Adwords? Or some sort of trap?! I haven't responded, just wanted some feedback. It came from an actual email, the guy appears to be in Ireland.

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