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Anyone going to affiliate summits etc

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Just wondering if anyone from this sub-forum ever bothers going to these sorts of things. I never have - I chalked them up as likely very boring, just a case of back-slapping and sharing business cards while listening to someone who knows less than me about SEO stuff waffling on.

But I'm considering UnGagged this year - mainly because it's an excuse to travel and put it on the company expenses  :))

Just wondering if anyone ever goes to these sorts of events and what you think of them, are the useful etc.

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    I've thought a lot about going to ASW this year.  I  haven't gone in the past cause I heard it's a waste of time for people that do SEO.  But I do have a lot of Affiliate Managers that I speak with that I think could be beneficial if I met.


  • I went to a few pubcons back in the day. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with your description @spunko2010

    I doubt any major nuggets of wisdom would come from attending.
  • I've never been to any "guru" ass-kissing conventions but I have a client that goes and then regurgitates a load of shite back to me saying I should be doing x, y and z - to which I reply and say, "Well I can do x, y and z but it'll cost you 50x more than you pay me, and you will get 500x less results". 

    Never been but I'm fully-sure my opinion will be correct.
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    For SEO most of them are worthless, but for paid traffic, it might be good. As far as I know there is tons and a lot of paid traffic millionaires, but you will rarely hear for SEO millionaires. Because they are silent. I'm in one private facebook group with 20 people that are doing SEO in foreign markets mostly Casino,Finance,Weight Loss and they are all millionaires purely from SEO.
  • I found my niche because a guy in it was on TV boasting about his deep pockets so I'd never advertise the fact I'm doing okay from seo at these talks. Too many potential competitors.
  • donchinodonchino
    I've thought of attending Ungagged in near future just to see out of curiosity what's going on at such events, but a friend of mine who is doing paid traffic attended the Summit and really liked the networking part.
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