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Revive Adserver

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I've been analysing one of my competitor's sites, they are setting up a new one that I've luckily found and are building links as we speak. The sourcecode shows that a high DR link has this:

  * Revive Adserver Asynchronous JS Tag
  * - Generated with Revive Adserver v3.2.2

<ins data-revive-zoneid="4" data-revive-target="_blank" data-revive-block="1" data-revive-id="XXXXX"></ins>
<script async src="//"></script>
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Their Keyword</a><br />

At first I thought this was a hacked link similar to SAPE but it doesn't have the appearance of it on the website. It fits right into the sourcecode neatly, as if the webmaster intended to integrate it. Going down the path of looking up this strange domain (reverse lookups etc) it looks like a hosted solution of this "Revive" advertising programme:

I thought this kind of thing was a bit 2009. Have I missed something, does anyone use it? I'm trying to join it.

About 25%  of my competitors links seem to be generated through this. They are high authority domains, I don't think they are hacked. However if it's a link exchange then the competitor has zero such links on his site. So maybe it is SAPE after all... Is there a way to tell?


  • A few of the trails I've followed end up here:
  • I did check SAPE for a few of these domains, they are easy to find as they end in .de and Sape doesnt have too many German URLs... None were listed in Sape :(
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    We still use a few (private) exchanges like this Spunko. Odds are he built up credits using cheaper domains/non-money sites and then he dumps those on his target domains.

    We certainly dont link OUT from our money sites.

    This is pretty old school though! Good find.
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    @1linklist thanks. Do you run such a scheme or can you recommend any I can join?

    Also I'm not sure what you mean about dumping credits etc. I did contact a few of the sites where he's placed the links but haven't heard anything back. Are they genuine sites normally? They're mainly older educational type sites
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    They used to call them Link Exchanges. Just run a google search - there are hundred of them out there. The one I use is private, and unfortunately I cant invite anyone (Nor do I think the actual Admin is still around).

    Most of them give you "Credits" for every site you link to. Obviously the more domains you put in the system, the more links you give, so the more credits you get.

    Then you can dump all those credits at one or two "Real" money-sites that are no in the link exchange.

    This was a big deal a few years ago, but Google has made it much harder to pull off without getting busted. Once they trace a handful of sites in an exchange or network, they drop the hammer on everyone involved.


  • Similar to what Fight Factory were doing, I joined ages ago but never went 'pro' where I think the big domains were, and didn't like the fact that all SEOrs were involved so as you said, the hammer gets dropped on everyone.
  • @JudderMan I've signed up to it and using it on 1 of my sites. I expect it'll get slapped eventually but I'm only really aiming medium-term with most of my SEO stuff.
  • @spunko2010 it had potential but I joined as a beta tester through a referral from one of the guys involved. I imagine it's grown now so it's probably fine. I don't use WP sites so much these days so don't have anything to play with.

    Report back dude, interested to hear what it's like now.
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    Just a pro-tip, but for "Medium-term" churn what we usually do is let ourselves settle nicely on page 2/partway down page 1 with our own PBN/Web 2.0s and "safer" stuff.

    Then we dump the credits on to give us the final push.
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