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Anyone still doing PR?

Finally had some free time this weekend and have been analysing a competitor's site. Seems to be using country-specific PR websites, like this: and . Does anyone a) know if there's a package on BHW or somewhere, that I can use to get all of these and a few more?

And b) if PR actually still works for everyone? I used to use SBWire to get some great movement but this was in 2014...

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    I use PRs a fair bit, but in, and mainly to drive traffic by taking advantage of the 'in the news' section of the front page of the serps.

    If you catch something that's trending (and assuming you optimise your PR properly) you can see lots of decent quality traffic this way. I've also seen the influx of traffic give the target page an organic boost at the same time, but it died out after the PR dropped off the front page.

    As for using them for ranking increases I personally haven't seen much benefit to using them, but they can be useful for watering down your link profile, with links from legit authority sites.

    Can't help you with a PR service for the UK as I mostly work in the US market, but is the best (cheap) distribution service at the moment. It syndicates to multiple sites that get picked up as 'in the news' by google. Maybe they trigger it in as well, I haven't checked tbh.


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