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Anyone Know of a Decent Blog Network?

Hi Guys,

I've got a load of HQ tier 1 stuff that I want to power up with contextual blog network links. Does anyone know of a service that actually works?

Any recommendations welcome, either here or via PM, whatever you prefer.

Note: I don't want to use SAPE for this, as I don't want the tier1 pages to potentially get taken down by the respective webmasters.

Thanks in advance.

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  • This guy knows his stuff, but his very limited and don't accept every client. His links are better to be used directly on money site.
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    Not fancy making your own? Check out - buy domains from Tove (goltmung) which are 50% off a the moment on BHW or Darko (accelerator_dd) on BHW, expensive but arguably better. Then you have control. 

    I'm just at the start of mine as I've spent the last 3 years with SER, high auth links, SAPE and a few other things but always shied away from PBNs due to the organising and managing of it but makes that a piece of piss now. With a bit of money, you can setup a 50 site PBN in probably a few days.

    Apologies if you already have a PBN(s) and you have your own setup. I just find myself not trusting any PBN seller as if they're selling them then they're kinda public blog networks.

    edit, added links

  • +1 for Darko and also this guy got badass domains as well if you are willing to buy and make your own PBN, for renting PBN links guy from my post above is killer.
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    Regarding, thanks, I'll check it out, although "minimal footprints" scares me. It should say "no footprints" surely.
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    I'll upload my bot blocker code later for you lot.
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    @2Take2 I thought that was the case, I didn't think you wouldn't have a PBN :)

    Yeah pbn hosting is an absolute gem for me, someone that doesn't manage employees very well (I just get angry and sack them) and is a control freak. I've basically just done a month's work in a matter of minutes for my clients thanks to it. Adding 10 new sites every few days. 

    Yep, just buy the domains - I started scraping and checking, but TBH I'd rather buy them and spot check some and get refunds or replacements if I find any nasty links or spam.

  • If you need code for blocking bad robots, this is one that I use.
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    Similar to mine, but that doesn't block Screaming SEO Frog or whatever its called, which has caused no end of problems for me as my competitors favour it.

    Also if you have a lot of blogs, best to randomize the order... never can be too careful. (If you use the same list which is available on some forums in your robots.txt rather than .htacces)
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    But can't big G see robots.txt?
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    Forgot to mention one more important thing. 

    I guess most of you copy and paste .htaccess codes to block PBNs. The most popular one does a redirect (varies 301/302, a few versions floating around) to WebMD if the user agent of an SEO crawler is detected. This has been shared on various forums.

    Do you realize that the SEO crawler will show your site under the redirects of WebMD? All it takes is for Google to go to Ahrefs and go to the redirects.
    Take a look. Do you see how spammy and obvious it is?

    All Google needs to do now is export that list from Ahrefs who has done the dirty work, run through it with two different user agents (Ahrefs + google bot) and see the output.
    If the outputs are different, send the domains through manual review and quickly identify cloakers/Pbns work.

    If you're going to block crawlers, redirect them to something else and change it per site.

    Even better: respond with a 403 (Forbidden) instead of a 301 so nothing will be suspected and Google can't find your Pbns/cloaking/whatever you're doing.
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    @spunko2010 ;Here you go user agents for Screaming Frog tool :)

    Screaming Frog SEO Spider
    Screaming Frog SEO Spider/2.21
    Screaming Frog SEO Spider/2.22
    Screaming Frog SEO Spider/2.55
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    PBNs are a tedious business... I guess until @Sven releases GSA PBN 1.0, each of us will have to grow their own network mostly manually :)

    What would GSA PBN do? Research doms, register those, install wordpress and spin-syntaxed themes 
    :-c And then integrate those sites SER.

    And the main advantage? bls from your own PBN don't require any AntiCaptcha service! *duck*
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    @2Take2 Yep, that isn't my only source for my PBN. I use it for 20 sites. I have 20 on another setup, and am building my own solution. I'm in a limbo period at the moment seeing what is working, what needs work, and what could be a potential problem. I'm not sticking all my eggs in one basket, in other words :)

    TBH their hosting is through a gazillion IPs but I get ya, it's never a good idea to stick to only one thing. @namdas seems pretty clued up though. 

    @jobseo yeah sounds good, but there are solutions out there that do that already and ones that don't use WordPress yet have an automatic posting facility. I don't find PBNs a tedious business, it's quite cool as it's all about figuring out the fastest, safest and best way to scale up, rank faster, churn out more money sites, scale scale scale. The way I do it is a little slow but I prefer that at the moment as it's still fairly new to me.

    Question for everyone - what's after a PBN - I have some 'Ruski' links on T1 and T2, HuffPo/Examiner/etc, PBN links, my usual SER setup, HQ web 2.0s. What's next? I am page 2 for some insane keywords, just need to get into the top ten now. I'm adding 2k articles, very HQ, shareable, most are non-commercial, informational stuff every week. But....what's next? What can I do to breach the top ten? I'm a little out of options other than smashing more and more PBN links at it.


  • Thanks @Anonymous I'll check out his service if I need anything for tier 1.

    Anyone else got any ideas?
  • @Judderman I've got my own small network of about 100 domains which I'm using to drop the odd link to the posts here and there. However, I want to give them a bit more juice without creating any more of a footprint from my sites, as I'm using them to link to my money site as well.

    I had a look at the PBN hosting you mentioned and it looks good. Probably better than similar ones I've previously looked at. I especially like the fact you can just upload the content and it will auto generate the websites for you.

    At the moment I'm using a combination of cheap hosting packages, amazon s3 (html sites only, but dirt cheap), and shared hosting with cloudflair. It works well, but as you know, it's a bit of a pain to manage.

    Also, thanks for the links for buying domains, I've got access to a tool to scrape them myself, but TBH it's getting increasing difficult and time consuming to find good ones with it. I'll probably just start buying them as well.

    @Anonymous, thanks also for the link, I'll check it out.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    @judderman - I signed up with that pbn hosting that you mentioned in the end, as it was probably cheaper and easier than using monthly link rentals anyway. I like it as it's quick and easy to set up, manage, and post content. For tier 2 it's great, cheers.

    I'll probably also use it for a bit of tier 1 in conjunction with the rest of my network, but TBH the fact that it's all hosted on the same company's cloud servers could potentially be a bit of a footprint, so I'd watch out for that if you're planning on using it heavily to link to the same group of sites. :)
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited May 2016
    @judderman, that seems to be a common problem in tough niches these days. If you've already built more than enough links to rank, then it could really be just a question of patience. As you say, hitting it with more links would most likely just be a waste of resources, and possibly even cause more harm than good. Eventually the site would just probably break the authority barrier on its own, and start creeping up the rankings in the same amount of time anyway, if not quicker.

    If it were me, I'd probably just drip some high quality branded links at the home page every month (using wayback rebuilds or something) to keep building up the authority of the domain, and also maybe build some high quality T2 links to the pbn and other authority links you've already got. This can work really well.

    Also, if you're not already, you could also build some hubs of pages on the site to build up some thematic relevance. You know, a few relevant pages beneath the target page in the file structure, all linked together and all linking back to it with different exact match anchors that you're targeting. As you know, you need to careful not to cannibalise your keywords though - google seems to be really sensitive to that these days, and it will most likely kill your rankings stone dead if you get it wrong.

    Other people might have different ideas though, but for me, I'm not really in a rush to rank my long term projects these days, as I'd rather just take the slow and steady approach and end up with rock solid rankings in the end. I guess it goes against our nature as SEOs, but sometimes it can be good to just sit on your hands for a couple of months and move onto something else in the mean time. You can always become your own affiliate and churn and burn decent referral traffic all day long, so I guess it's really no problem in the grand scheme of things.

    Anyway, that's all that springs to mind, but would also be interested to hear what others have to say as well.
  • @2Take2 thanks buddy, just what I wanted to hear really. I have seen some crazy movement lately, down as well as up (down is always good as 3-4 days and it pops back higher). I got some weird WH links from a seller on BHW which seemed to have helped diversify the profile ie. like infographics and stuff I've never heard of. 

    I am tempted to boost some PBN posts. I have seen some incredible results from hitting some press releases ie. Bloomburg with SAPE/PBNs. In my mind, it makes the strong links stronger, rather than trying to drag up some lower authority links artificially inflated. 

    Haha, yep, I'm not one to have patience. At all.
  • Thing is if you're too patient and too careful then when the slap comes, it hurts even more. Have you done things like review sites eg Trustpilot and if that can be added somehow?
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