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Anyone tried this indexer (The Bad Ass Indexer)

License is $300 @Tim89 I know you have your own indexing service. What do you think about this service?


  • Tim89Tim89
    edited April 2016
    Well, I see it takes 2-3 minutes per URL, which is quite a slow alternative in comparison to services and kinda impractical if you're going to be using it alongside any mass or bulk back link creation, it also costs captcha credits.

    I know how the tool works and if you're only wanting to index brand new domains, you could do it much quicker manually than the actual time it takes the tool to do, I'm not wanting to sound like a hater on the tool, but that's just my opinion.
  • I don't know and haven't used this software. That being said, I've been wondering for a while why people are so hectic about getting their bl's indexed...

    I don't see why anyone who's in for the long run would care for speed here: 300 bucks ain't a steal. With a little grips and effort the same amount will buy you a tiny PBN (think Fiverr, combine a couple of top-gigs).

    Indexing is overrated. SER is smart enough to trick Google, but in my experience, in the long run, no indexing service is smart enough to force Big G's algorithm into indexing stuff it shouldn't.

    In short: No magic indexing potion will keep spammy, crappy BLs in the SERPs.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    I have it...Work amazing....But its not something you can send thousands of links thru...I send PBN posts and web 2.0's thru it.....
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