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Recipe markup ideas?

Has anyone done any experiments with recipe schema/rich snippets here - but not for recipes? I've been trying to fake it on my non-recipe site to get the image to appear next to the my results to increase CTR. Problem is that Google seems to be able to tell my site isn't a recipe one, even though the markup was correct and showing perfectly in the Rich Snippets tester they provide...

Today I've just discovered that Wikipedia is showing this if you search on Google for (it seems) any food item, they don't use any sort of recipe markup, if you want an example search for "couscous" .. Could be custom rules for Wikipedia but I'm surprised how difficult it's been to get the rich snippets to show... Anyone had any luck?


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    hello. don't know if you're still on this project??


    as far as I understood, schema was for the purpose of making sites easily machine-readable and machine-intelligible.

    Perhaps your "recipes" look nothing like real recipes of *ANY* identified type and are therefore ignored, b/c  after all, this IS about turning strings of text (web pages) into pre-formatted, meaningful data sets w/o having to understand the web page text to "get the gist" of a site?

    What about using the proper category but adding an image thumb even tho your category doesn't include that?

    How do the SEs that can utilize rich snippets deal with that?

    I'd guess the Google schema tester would fail such and wld generate an error, but would G then utilize the data anyway??  Or bad idea?? :/

  • This is interesting, did you get any further with this @spunko2010 ? Are you going after position #0, I assume so.

  • I never got it to work but the rich snippets only appear in SERPS for higher quality results I think. Whatever metric that Google are using internally, never got applied to my site, in my niche.

    However in some other niches I have been able to get into position 0 very easily indeed, even for sites with <10 links.
  • 8) interested to hear more but I guess you don't want it public :)
  • @JudderMan don't really have much more to share sadly, if I knew how Google ranks websites based on the quality score (it isnt done manually) then that'd be useful but it's just guesswork. Pretty sure that they categorise authority sites and any niche / category relevant links carry much greater weight than just random ones. EG: If I bought a link on a DA75 site but it wasn't at all relevant to my site, versus a link on a DA55 site that was very similar then the latter would give more link juice in my experience.
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    There was this USA based affiliate website a few years ago that had incredible links (all purchased) must have cost at least $15k to buy them all. DA90 links etc but they were all different niches and unrelated sites. But it didn't rank that well, mostly on page 2...
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