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DA94 HuffPost Links For Sale (Limited to VIP Members Only)

Hi all,

I'm OK'd this with Sven and Santos. This is only available to you guys in VIP. I have a journalist contact that writes for and has given me a discount on articles 500-700w long and placed on HP. Obviously don't need to explain how insane getting links from a site like is.

I will eventually gain a discount for sending work her way, so I can save a little bit of cash for future links. As you may remember from my previous post about investment, I have seen great results from links like these (and others) so I don't require investment any more. But, I will be using Forbes/HuffPo type links on all of my future sites and upselling to clients eventually, so gaining a discount from these links is pretty important over the coming months.

They aren't cheap. She's very good. I'm not collecting info of your sites, I don't care about your niches, I literally have a zillion other sites that I would make before trying to copy off you. 


Only link to inner pages that are informational, helpful, non-commercial (homepage not allowed) (like a how-to page for example)
Anchors will be related to your industry/article but not 'money' type keywords
2-4 links to other authority sites (Forbes etc) will be placed on the article to keep it legit/natural
15 day TAT to be expected, usually done in 3-4 but as an editor in a previous life I'll have my say over the article if needs be.

£400 PM me for my PayPal
(people on BHW charge $690-1400)


  • Do you have an example of her writing you can PM me (obviously not one of yours ;) )
  • No, but she's good. I was an editor for 25 writers and used to be a copywriter for a few years, and can say she's worth it. Well crafted and well thought out articles.

  • OK managed to get a £50 discount per article ONLY if I give her 5 customers before the end of the month - I have two already and two potentially interested from here. £350 is what I'll be paying going forward, and quite happy with. Permanent DF link from HuffPo, none of the SAPE monthly charges, or PBNs that you have no full report from. FWIW the blog was shown on the homepage, albeit briefly, as my finance site ranked for keywords that I can only dream about. I've only been pushing that site since 22nd January. 

    I have two clients paying £1500 for these links. They have budget and the industry to bank hard from the power of HuffPo.

    Also, whoever reported me, and there are only a few of us in VIP, I mentioned in the OP I OK'd this thread with Sven.

    DA is 97 I can't change the title.

  • Sounds good mate. I'm in the middle of launching a new authority site at the moment, so if I can get it all up and running before the end of the month then I'll be in touch.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Nice offer man.....
  • Well that was a shame had one order from here and two of my clients. Any more of I'll just ask this to be deleted?

  • Only just saw this, I'll order. Sent you a PM.
  • Thanks Spunko, any more as I might be able to snag a last one from her.
  • I'd be interested in this.   Mind if I send you a PM?
  • edited April 2016
    Go for it buddy @Hunar
  • Hi all I'll keep this thread running, as the journalist is happy to keep on going, and I bought a few myself to keep her busy.

  • I'm just waiting to see some result of it.  Obviously works out well,  You can expect quite a few more coming from me. :)
  • Yep I'm waiting on one from last Friday in an easier niche and will document results not a great of other link building going on. Saw great increases but in very difficult finance niche.
  • Thanks to the orders from here, and ones from myself and some of my clients, I've managed to negotiate a better discount, so the price is from today:

    £315 / $492

    There is a bit of a backlog (few days) at the moment, but first come first in the queue. 
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    @JudderMan - contact me at  -- I'll pick up one or two.
  • @BanditIM no probs buddy, sent you some info.

  • Hey @JudderMan, Do you still offer this? I might order it this month. :)
  • Hi @Anonymous Yes but hold off just for a few days as the backlog is still going on....I'm waiting for some from the 1st April, really annoying but once it's with the editors it's out of my hands. I am going to update this with results from my own new site that should shoot up.

    I'll update when the bottleneck is over.
  • Just thought i'd post this in here.

    I ordered mine April 4th.  

    Kept asking over and over when it'd be done Kept getting the same response in other persons hands etc. etc.

    Asked for a update May 12th  and I haven't heard from a response back yet.  Go to file a chargeback or refund and I can't cause it's past a certain date. 

    Hopefully others that have ordered have had a good experience and gotten theirs done. I haven't and am feeling a bit ripped off. :/  First time in 8 years of Being in this industry.
  • donchinodonchino
    @Hunar You got burnt by JudderMan's supplier? I ordered mine in March and got it done in a week
  • edited May 2016
    @Hunar I don't think it's Judderman's fault but the supplier has a queue. I've been kept updated, although haven't received the link yet. He did offer a refund to me, which I'll go for if there's no forthcoming news
  • Hi guys,

    I've responded to Hunar and Spunko. Spunko emailed me direct, really sorry I haven't been on the forum for over a week, and I don't get email notifications or I would have replied to Hunar earlier. 

    I've pestered the writer every few days for the past 7 weeks. I feel just as screwed as you guys do as I was buying links for my clients, a friend of mine, and a couple of my own sites, so I have a lot of money that she has sat in her bank. Really annoyed. The first few were done in a week or less, as DonChino said, which is why I jumped on setting up this thread and capitalising on getting a discount for future orders - I've turned down 7 more orders from clients which is a shame as I was charging them £1000, so not only have I missed out on profit as well as paying for the above out of my own pocket.

    She has given me the option of posting the articles onto entrepreneur, but one order isn't in the business industry so cannot be done. She has posted them 3 times to the editors to accept, which she originally said there was a backlog at Easter, but I suppose that this could be true, but I'm skeptical. I will give her until Tuesday and hand out refunds - to one of you that has accepted the offer of the entrepreneur link this has been sent now and I will update you once I hear back.

    Sorry again everyone, I will obviously be taking no new orders and shutting down this sales thread once everything is settled and either repaid or the articles have been made live. 

    It should have been so simple. It wasn't. My bad.

  • Just to update this, alternative links have been completed for Hunar and Spunko. 

    Please shut this thread down @Sven

    Really sorry to those who have had to wait. I haven't had my refunds yet, so still out of pocket big time 

  • SvenSven
    OK so I close this thread now.
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