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Anyone have any experience with MEXELA proxies?



  • Tim89Tim89
    @backlinkaddict‌ yep Expressindexer has a dashboard for manually submitting URLs aswell as an api with adjustable drip feeding option.

    Also we save your submissions for 30 days for you to re-download them as you please for index checking.

    If your idea of indexing is simply by using scrapebox then you're quite mistaken :)
  • NO, its not but a lot of these indexing companies promote services that Scrapebox offers to someone who knows how to use it correctly..  Of course its worth it to pay 15 dollars a month to avoid this depending on what you time is worth and what resources you have at hand.

    Xml Sitemaps.. Pinging... Url shortening.. Hitting statistical who is sites.. redirects.. Rss.. Properly placing these links on relevant authoritive properties closely linked to trustworthy sources - randomizing the list and leaving minimal well as not overdoing it

    Thats just basic Scrapebox not even using automator plugin.. That can be setup in five minutes

    I dont think most people realize that Scrapebox isnt a blog commentor that is its most useless feature. Although the manual poster and ability to filter your target sites would be same as manually commenting.

    I have been testing lots of software/services and I believe ninety percent are just some adapted version of a scrapebox feature. And I am not even a big scrapebox user.

  • @backlinkaddict - Yeah I know what you mean. ScrapeBox is a must for any GSA user in my opinion. I have my own VPS solely for ScrapeBox. I use all the features you've described as well as a few indexer services to increase chances of indexing. I kinda disagree though about the blog commenter being the most useless feature. If you put yourself together a good AA list you can crank out millions of blog comments in a matter of a day or two to your tier1, tier2, etc. As far as offsite SEO, backlinking your backlinks will always be the most effective way to get links indexed.

    Also, I don't think very many people know about the automator premium plugin of scrapebox. For only a one time payment of $20 you can set scrapebox to do virtually anything automatically. It's also a must in my opinion.

    BUT, as far as the original topic. I'm about 3 weeks in on my 60 semi-dedi proxies from Mexela and only had a handful go down for just one night. I was tired and was going to send in a ticket the next day for replacements but when I woke up all of em were working again and haven't had another problem. Great proxies!
  • I didnt mean it's useless just everyone thinks of spammy blog comments when they hear scrapebox. Of all features I use it the least.

    Yes if you know what your doing with manual poster its great just like custom mode in Gsa. Its no different then manually hunting around for blog to comment on for backlinking purposes. Just doing it much faster with better success :)

    I set scrapebox the other day and found a bunch of niche relavent pr 5 and up blogs with less then 150 obl and just a few comments for a project yesterday. It took a few minutes and for what some would pay decent money for.

    Yeah the automator, article, and rank tracker plugin I dont ever hear anyone mention.. cant wait for Scrapebox 2 to be released:)
  • Tim89Tim89
    I totally understand how to use scrapebox to its full capacity, hence the reason why I actually made the comment above.

    Sure scrapebox can do a whole load of things which is fantastic I don't dispute, but it can't do all those things at once, making a streamline of those tasks into days possibly weeks to complete, sure you can open multiple instances of scrapebox and carry on about your business if you wanted.

    I think you should start up a sales thread for SB mate :)

  • I didn't mean to start a thread about scrapebox here. I was just wondering about indexing purposes and what express does that goes beyond what someone with some knowledge of scrapebox can do?

    I do realize it's a pain in the ass and paying for a service like yours is absolutely worth it even to someone with large knowledge of indexing and a lot of resources to not have to deal with automating all those tasks.

    Even to save an hour 1 day for a month of service its a no brainer to outsource indexing to a service.

    I understand that most indexing services do 75 percent the same thing and have a few tweeks of there own which makes it their service so if thats not a ? you want to answer I totally understand.

    As thread started I was just curious about express indexer as someone I was doing work for used your service but I dont know much about it other than that.

    I didnt mean any disrespect If thats how it sounded
  • Tim89Tim89
    @backlinkaddict none taken :)
  • I will post a review on my blog about them. I tested them with gsa, and other stuff. 

    Will be ready in a day or so. Don't know about the fast response but will buy from them to test them. 

    They are fast...and good. 
  • edited November 2014
    to test them in a few other GSA they are good...but they do have their limits like many services.
  • What limits do you mean?

    I have been using half from mexela and half from buy proxies currently with almost no problems...

    I tested instant proxies as well.. they were cheap and fast but they never responded to any affiliate questions and customer service questions...

    I can say that buy proxies support is very fast and no bs replacement if some have issues..

    I didnt think this thread was going to get this many people commenting
  • irimia1234 if you tell us which limits you have maybe you can improve that. Also some limits might be on your program, server or internet connection

  • @Tim89 are you still promoting mexela proxies mate?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @Don currently I do not run with proxies, I run on bulletproof hosting.

  • DonDon
    edited March 2015
    @Tim89 OK cheers. Couldn't see it on EI dashboard.
  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    @mexela I have been using them without any issues. They seem to be the fastest so far! : )
  • I used to use mexela but moved away because there quality dropped dramaticaly.

    There proxies cant handle that many threads no more.
  • jpvr90 this should happen, we have more servers than ever, also the other users seems to be happy

    can you please provide us some details so we can take a look. did you made a benchmark os is just a feeling?
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