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Anyone have any experience with MEXELA proxies?

I tested them out and they seemed to be fast proxies. So I subscribed didnt receive my proxies, the info I set says wrong password. When I tried to reset it says sent but no email. I have sent three emails to notify. No one has responded. That was over 24 hours ago... Anyone having simliar experience. I will update if they get back to me.


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    Haven't bought directly through there website. I did test and they were good.

    I was going to place big order for proxies through website but I was hesitant to buy from them because they never answered my sales question I submited through there website.

    I always send a simple sales question just to test how fast they respond before buying any service.

    You try messaging owner on here?
    Keep us updated.

  • I will update they were nice enough to let me try and say they were better then my current proxies they were fast like .27 seconds but I am having doubts as of right now its been a little over a day now. The proxies they let me test were shut down after I purchased so I am a bit confused as to no response.. Maybe It's Mr. cutts new company .. ahahah
  • I also tested 10 for a week and the speed and reliability was comparable to buyproxies.

    I purchased 60 semi-dedis 3 or 4 days ago and haven't had one problem. I automatically test all my proxies every 30 mins and haven't noticed any downtime other than the occasional temporary timeout which can just be my VPS or several other factors.
  • Mine were actually faster then buy proxies although I dont know how big of a deal it was I am becoming a bit mad now I am running a business too. I buy them and refer people. I'll give them a bit longer on day to I will write it off as a burn. But I am hoping for a 360. If this were the other company I would have had any banned proxies switch out for me 3 times by now!
  • sorry guys, we aren't scam. We had an issue with the email, the IP got blacklisted, it seems that somebody reported us for email spam (someone want us down) and we have realized a bit late that some emails weren't delivered and some were reaching the spam folder.

    if you made any ticket is probably already answer but you didn't got the notification. Also the proxies should be already allocated. Please make a ticket if you will have a problem and we will compensate you
  • They've been fine for me so far - been using for a couple of weeks - but yes don't email their support. Go into their backend and submit a support ticket and they'll reply very quickly.
  • now you can also email, was an issue for a few days

  • I cannot write make a ticket I signed and says bad password.. Then I hit resend and it does not send my email reset link... I have responded again. I will update community. Im hoping just a little hiccup because the proxies were fast. I like to use a few services.. Diversity and I don't like to keep all my eggs in one basket... Ya know

    This has nothing to do with this but I cannot wait for scrapebox two!!!!!!!! Scrapebox...gsa search engine ranker....captcha breaker What a F##ken Team. Pure power and one off payments!!! I dont know why they don't charge more
  • MEXELA please send me email.. I cannot submit a ticket or get into backend
  • I've been using @Mexela proxies for a solid 30 days.  I just signed up again.  Here's my take.

    1.  Really fast to start.  Lasts about 15 days and then you might start seeing some slow downs.  Very well could be that I am using 10 connections on Scrapebox and burning them out or the other people I share with did something.  I have no checked to see if they are banned but I can only assume that when you start at 147 URL/s and end with 26 or so at the end of the month, some are banned.

    2.  Used them for GSA SER and never saw or rarely saw any download/proxy banned in the logs.

    3.  Support is lacking but eventually they do respond.  I think they want to do the best job as they don't flat out avoid but they are running into growth issues.  I've found posting here with the @ to Mexela is the best and refer to a ticket.  I do it via a PM as not to create any bad PR.

    4.  I wanted to leave them because there are cheaper alternatives.  But I've tried others and while some do auto-rotation of IPs, I never got the speed I did with my current package. 

    There might be issues here and there but if you want solid working, fast, reliable proxies, these guys so far are damn good.  Minor issues with communication but I haven't run into anybody offering these type of services that doesn't have something except which had awesome support but the proxies were slower and average in terms of pricing.

    This is just my experience.  I'd have to say at the end of the day, I'm obviously satisfied enough to come back, pay for another month and PM and email them frequently until I get what I want.  They do respond.
  • Thanks for reply bud. You are having issues with download.. I was looking through my log and saw some downloads failed. I turned up download mb. I used all private proxies. Anything you can think of to improve download failed. I am advanced user so any suggestions may help. Good to get an outside perscpective sometimes
  • backlinkaddict "download failed" could be because of your lists, see if your sites which have that error aren't dead or you might use too many connections, check your PM for the email issue because we see that 4 emails were sent on your gmail, they might be on the spam folder

    mda1125 thank you
  • I'd have to say... overall satisfied.  I'm only using CB at this point and dumped all reCaptcha and Index services.

    If Google doesn't find my link, it ain't worth finding.
  • No I did not get the email mexela....

    Mda .. Yeah I still like instant link indexer and eve... eve is .50 for 1000 correct solves.. It has been solving some double blob captchas for me and just enter api in captcha breaking and toggle service on for recap so it runs smoother..

    Also I build less tiers stuff then must but instant link indexer takes pr 1-10 and indexes them I like the setup.

    captcha breaker to text captcha to eve them to death by captcha...... eve and dbc barely get any requests though but a great fail safe.

    And I have nothing but good thing to say about Instant link indexer
  • InstantLinkIndexer did wonders... no doubt.  They do what they say they'll do at a very reasonable price.
  • Tim89Tim89
    I'm currently testing them this month.

    So far so good.
  • I had 10 proxies as  a test from mexela and the proxies are wonderful. They are quite fast. And this is the first time I used private proxies for scraping using scrape box. The proxies are quite solid after a full day of scraping with 4 connections. Yielded 400,000 backlinks and after it is finished I checked(google) the proxies again in SB everything come excellent(fast).

    Will try a small package this month.

  • Yes I had a communication error with there email going into spam but they are fast proxies and I will definetly be adding to my arsenal..

    I use the service most people use BP but I like to has like 10-20 proxies prom three different services.. The mexula are the fastest and always seem to be good in scrapebox and gsa ser test. Like.27 seconds!!!
  • haryonoharyono in your heart
    I use 40 proxies from mexela all very good, >14 days use NO DOWN, I use it for scrapebox, GSA, Gscraper and Xrumer so far so good, price so competitive I think almost same with BP. I recommend Mexela!
  • i'm using them, for few days my first month will expire and i'll update my subscription for sure  they are fast and reliable for posting in SER and for scraping in SB even if i'm trying not to use them for scraping, when i do that i mix them with public prxies...
  • i using proxies from mexela --> best proxy provider
  • mexela proxies are FAST.
  • Yes, Mexela proxies are FAST and always working. Not sure how fast support is but I havent needed it. No complaints and no downtime.

     I have been using three providers and ten proxies from each!

    Mexela is the best overall right now
  • Support is EXCELLENT. I emailed them yesterday (Sunday)  and they replaced a list of proxies within minutes (a couple had gone bad.and they replaced all 20).
  • yeah , they are great.
  • magicallymagically
    Mexala Proxies work and very friendly as well. I'm quite happy so far with their service.
  • Tim89Tim89
    They are actually so good that I've started to promote them on Express Indexer, there is a coupon code which gives you great savings which is exclusive to EI, coupon code can be found on Express Indexers dashboard page, Enjoy!
  • Express Indexer? How do you index your links compared to other services? I have been testing them all. I like to test very thoroughly
  • Tim89Tim89
    @backlinkaddict‌ have you tested EI at all?
  • No.. I really didnt hear about it until recently... I have been using indexification for bigger projects and instant link indexer for smaller projects.

     A few others as well but I think with services out there it is unreasonable to pay more then 20 dollars a month for a small package.

    I like to have a dashboard and api for link tools.. Ser, Magic submitter and backlink monitor.

    Also see what else they offer then what I can do in scrapebox myself and where the links are being put. On web 2.0 properties, how random, drip feed etc..
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