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  • Why not buy a domain just for spamming? Something like sounds like a mailing service to me and if it get blacklisted you just use an another one. I wouldn't use my money site domain for spamming but rather for reputational reasons…
  • 1. SER does that automatically plus you can filter the results with the built in filter.2. You can fill a folder with articles written about tomatoes and use macros in SER article manager to post those for you.3. I would buy Sven newish GSA Image Sp…
  • I use only Windows Defender to protect my PC and so far no problems. Sure enough I try to be cautious when installing new software but this is a work PC so no widgets and fluff needed anyway.  
  • The whole thing is strange as some new features and updates are keep coming. Not on a daily basis but it's still maintained on some level. Here is the changelog:
  • I think since hardcore spamming is dead these services popularity also waned. SCM forum seems dead too. Luckily the product still works.
  • You can set up your own catchalls on some shared hostings if you fail to find any provider. It takes some time but nothing serious.
  • If you use SER then GSA Captcha Breaker is a must except if you use SER only for SERE. In that case you need a recaptcha v2 solver anyway. As for which is the best captcha solver service, you have to test them and then you will know.
  • Anything can leak your IP. Even if you use private proxies and those go down for some reason. There is a setting in SER that stop projects on no active proxies to prevent this though. If you use public proxies then you have to be ready for even wo…
  • You can do that anytime. 1. Close GSA software on VPS 12. Open GSA software on VPS 23. Enter credentials on VPS 24. Ready to roll If you use SER then you can make a backup and restore it on the new server too.
  • 10% is kind of right. You can use better quality articles to increase success rate or try an indexer service.
  • This was a problem way back when Ron and his team was trying to set up automated SER lists. They failed and went back to manual processing if I remember correctly but Sven may find some solution to this. 
  • They probably receive massive traffic but what is the ROI with such traffic? At the end this isn't a highly targeted traffic so if the tool isn't super cheap to run then in my opinion it wouldn't worth much.
  • Have you indexed the links? Anyway, it doesn't really matter if ahrefs sees the links or not as long as you wish to rank in Google.
  • I use it on images that are 10MB each and load anything between 2 to 10 at once. When I load the images I can see the memory usage is growing quite a bit but then it comes down to a lower level. When I load more than around 5 images IS displays er…
  • Namecheap even has the first year of privacy free of charge.
  • @vin No Link should work fine as that supposed to even remove all links already present in the articles. This may be a bug except some of your engines are required to insert a link no matter what. You may contact Sven about.
  • There are others who are doing this as a service not only moreover they offer the ability to manage the hostings, IPs and such from the same place so it's a really cool all in one service but it has it's drawbacks as Kaine has already po…
  • I think SvenBot has gone astray
  • Yes @Kaine, like that but I specifically asked Sven for Exposure and some more specific ones (vividness, shadows, highlight) that I use to give life to photos and I couldn't find. I dive into those results I may find something he could use. Thanks!
  • Hey @Deeeeeeee, Sven said that he is happy to add filters to the program if I find some code samples (preferable in pascal/delphi or c++). I think I've failed miserably at that but you might gonna have more luck with yours.
  • Yes, this could be built on many ways. The functions could be just added to SER as SER can be used to post to self hosted blogs if you really want to right now. However, a brand new tool could open up the possibility to be used by the wider SEO com…
  • I think this is rather a question of demand and how could it compete with the already running online services.
  • Yes, @Kaine. It is only for managing the already created self hosted blogs. It's not for web2.0, however that could be added, but I guess that would require the same level of maintenance as SERE. Nonetheless, SERE probably would benefit from this …
  • As almost always you have to do your own little testing on this as you may work on a market where it works wonderfully. When I stopped a couple of months ago it gave me roughly 10% index rate on spin content so it wasn't that bad considering it's a…
  • There is two way to do that 1. The easy way: Sign up for SEREngines 2. Do it yourself (and sweat blood): If you choose the second option you may find some pretty guides on the forum wr…
  • Displaying images simultaneously would be a fancy feature as the downloading really takes some time sometimes. +1 on that Regarding to code samples I haven't given up yet but I'm very close to that. I thought it's all over the net as these things a…
  • It works nice now, thanks! Any chance adding more filters to it? An exposure slider is greatly missed as that is the proper way to lighten up pictures. Others like vividness, highlight and shadows settings would be fancy too but not as crucial. …
  • Theoretically you can put your articles as many places as you please. Google will rank the article that has the most power either by the domain authority or by the power of the page itself. This is kind of useful if you want to gain recognition an…
  • Hey Sven when you have a bit of time could you have a look at two little things, please: 1. When using the del key to delete images the highlighting row disappears. It comes back when I hit the one of the arrows but it goes back to the top of the u…